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  1. Wouldn't one workarond be to just put a window of the appropriate size right next to your door? Maybe that's lame but it might work. If this is a bad idea, please let me know. Thanks, seena
  2. Does anyone use Artlantis to Render with? Is it better than Renderworks? More intuitive? Thanks, Seena
  3. Funny how short "ages" are these days. I'm still on 10.2.8 Might buy tiger soon. My question is, which animal will 10.5 be??? Cheers, Seena
  4. I seem to have an ocassional problem with my option and shift key. I will be unable to use option to copy or do a multiple selection. The shift key will at times not work to draw ortho lines or make multiple selection! THe fix seems to be a quit and restart of VWA 11.5. Does anyone else have this problem??? Thanks, Seena
  5. Hi Travis, Wow, thanks a lot that's a great bit of knowledge. Seena
  6. Yes I guess I did. I didn't mean to but it's good to know that there is a market for VWA types out there. Seena
  7. LOL, Yes Delmer! I have some ACAD guys next door to me. They usually don't like to hear what VW can do. As fro what happened. I have an interview with HDR in Pasadena. I have a couple of ADT and ACAD books to try and read through. A friend also said she'd lend me a PC to practice on. We'll see I guess. Anyone else have any thoughts? thanks, seena
  8. Hello all, this is not a specific "Architect " question but it concerns architecture. I may be moving to CA to work in a large firm, 4,000 people, that uses AutoCad-ADT3.3. In 2 and 3-D modes. For those of you that are current or former ADT users, do you have any tips for making the switch? thanks, Seena p.s. I guess I could try to get THEM to switch but that might be a bit tough
  9. This question regards the use of live elevations. I a recently completed project I make viewports on sheetlayers that showed the elevations. I then added notes, elevation markers, building outline, groundplane lines, and some hatches for texture in the annotation layer of the viewport. Ifound several drawbacks to this method. Is it better to make modelviews on designlayers and do all the mark up etc there. Should the annotation layer only be used for drawing labels? Thanks, Seena
  10. I thank you all for your input. I think I should rephrase the question mfor my clarity and maybe others. Does anyone use the MODEL VIEW tool on the tool palette to make model views in design layers? If so, do you make viewports of those views to add to sheet layers? Are there cons to that approach. I have not tried doing this and would like to know if it is a good idea? Thanks again for all your help and If I'm misunderstanding your answers. Seena
  11. Thank you gentlemen, that was the issue. Seena
  12. Does anyone else have trouble with extra windows and doors in their schedules? I have a small barn model I'm building. I brought in a door from another project to copy the attributes to the new doors in this project. I used the door and deleted it. Now, when I make a door sched. I find the 2 doors I want with all their info; size, material etc. Then there seems to be one door or tag somewhere with no info that is screwing up the colomns in the schedule. If I summarize, the colomns get dashes insted of info. I ran cust selection2 looking for all the doors with a similar tag etc. any suggestions?? Thanks, Seena
  13. Travis, Thanks for responding Do you do elevations using the first or second method I described? The draw backs I found with the first are as follows. 1) Putting notes on the sheet layer seems to screw up the updating between the notes and the notes column 2) the text going nuts from time to time. 3) When drawing in annotations layer the elevation will ocasinally disapear until I exit a group or zoom out. 4) that file recently became corruppt and when I did a recovery through workgroup layers importation, I lost alll theinfo that was stored in the annotations layers of viewports. I also lost the viewports themselves. Thanks seena
  14. Yes, This is actually a file that started in VW 9. I'll try that. Were you able to copy and paste the info from the old viewport? Thanks, Seena
  15. I just upgraded to VWA11.5. I'm on a MAC using OS10.2.8 I've tried to move some viewports with elevations in them ( some live and some 2-D. When I do this, the text in the annotation layer goes nuts. It goes to 100+ font size and the entire drawing is obscured. The only fixI have so far is to go into annotation, select all and change the text to a different size. This only works til I need to move the viewport again. Has anyone else had this problem
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