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  1. Hi All, In a simple plan in my design layer I have large areas that have no fill, but when I create a viewport these areas become white and are effectively filled. Can this be changed so that when I create a viewport I can place an image behind shapes e.g. the 2D beige paving? Not sure if it involves layers etc. Images below. Thanks for any help!
  2. Thanks very much both and apologies for the delay in responding. I'll have a look through your suggestions. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Neil, Yes, happy to share. 3D garden for hand render.vwx Good idea about the printer. I'll have a look at that, but I also want to be able to send a PDF to others to render and don't want to be reliant on printer settings. Any VW based fix would be really helpful. Just to say that I'm working on the latest version of VW with the latest service pack installed, on a M1 MacBook Air running Monterey. Many thanks!
  4. Hi All, I've made a simple 3D of a garden I'm working on in VW Landmark. I want to PDF a viewport and then print this out to hand render over the top. The image is below. 3D garden viewport.pdf The issue I have is that the thin black lines around the edge of everything are too dark and heavy. They show up too much. I can't find a way to reduce them. I've tried reducing the pen opacity, colour and weight. I've tried playing around with background render settings and image effects. Nothing changes the lines. I'm wondering if there is a minimum line weight etc that VW needs to display a 3D image. If anyone has any ideas, I would be really grateful. Thanks very much.
  5. Yeah, I'll probably just continue to use Renderworks for now until M1X or M2 is released. I'm amazed how well my M1 8GB does with VW 2021. It flies through pretty much all I throw at it. Looking forward to seeing how well VW2022 runs natively on M1.
  6. M1 16MB minimum huh? Hmm. I'm still backing my M1 8GB 😬
  7. Hi Art, Thanks very much for the detailed reply, much appreciated. I've actually just bought a MacBook Air M1. I too decided that would actually be better than me buying an already outdated machine. I got it on offer and so its cost me a similar amount as a refurbished iMac. No brainer huh? Thanks again!
  8. Thanks Pat. I've seen that page, but I'm trying to work out whether it's worth me spending extra than the basic system requirements. I'm not sure of the real world performance improvements of increased ram, cores, vram etc. I could spend £600 on a system that meets the minimum requirements or £900 on a better computer, but what difference will this really make to real world performance? That's what I'm unsure about. Thanks again.
  9. Hello all, I want to buy a refurbished iMac for VW Landmark. I'm just starting out doing some small to medium residential designs, 2D and some 3D, for a friend of mine who owns a landscaping company. I want to spend as little as possible, but also want the iMac to be able to handle VW reasonably well. It doesn't need to be blisteringly fast, I just don't want the rainbow wheel of death too often. I'm looking at either a 21.5 inch or 27 inch iMac from 2017 or 2019. I know I need 16gb ram as a minimum, but I'm unsure on what real world difference the different processors and graphics cards will make. My choices seem to be: i5 4 or 6 core processor ranging from 3 - 3.4Ghz Radeon graphics card, the 550, 555, 560 or 570, offering between 2 - 4GB Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello, I'm looking to buy a VW Landmark licence, 2018 onwards. Please let me know if you have one for sale. I'm in the UK. Thank you.
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