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  1. Hi Petri,

    I have to agree with you. I don't like the User library idea either.

    I have the " preciousss" folder in my Plugins folder, nut still endup with two plug-ins with the same name.

    BTW, Not giving full access to the VW application folder for Mrs Joe will cause VW to behave strangely. When she is trying to use it.

    When I come acreos a Puter that has mulit usewrs I always give all users full access to the VW folder.


  2. One little remark to Orso's comments.

    When you setrfield from within your script and try to read the data again using Pparametername you won't see the change. Only a second run of the script would reveal the changed data.

    So If you plan to use the changed value again in the same run you have to read in the parameters to VARs and assign aswell the VAR as the Plugin's parameter the new value.


  3. I have two machines next to each other, one running 11.0.1 the other 11.5 I can't reproduce your problem on them.

    The usual remedies perhaps?

    Zap the PRAM (alt+apple+P+R at start up)

    Repair permissions

    Keep your mac running overnight



  4. That sounds like Cumulus. We had the whole problem with hardware replacements too. That is absolutely not the solution.

    You do know that it is perfectly legal for you to go on holiday to the US and buy yourself a dongleless VectorWorks version there? The problem is ofcourse the upgrades. (And now with 11.5 even the update) but it is legal as long as you do it only for yourself.

    as I added to dongle madness: The dongle is not the solution. The dongle was introduced to protect the interest of the tranlators of VW. I believe they had a point. The dongle is still the wrong answer, and surely for the English version.



  5. Hi Mickey,

    After a few of my windows clients ran into dongle trouble I was send to this driver by one of the guru's.

    I believe it was meant for a different dongle type nevertheless it works well. Since I am on Mac myself I have no idea about command line etc.


    I agree with you. The dongle is the wrong way to increase your sales. It lies the burden for illegal use of the program at the wrong persons doorstep. Even if you don't take in account the dongle less version sold in the US. The program would be broken open real soon anyway. VW is simply to popular to dongle. Dongles are meant for higly specialist applications that have only a handfull registered users world wide. There must be a reason why PhotoShop is still undongled adn why Quark is dropping the dongle.




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