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  1. Navigate to your VectorWorks\Object Libraries folder and open the Drafting Tools file. Scale, filename, and date stamps are all in there.
  2. Should have looked here for info on the Cinema plug in - I noticed the press realease here on the plug in (which has since mysteriously disappeared) and spent a couple of days trying to get all the info on it from Maxon and NNA. I was hoping to get a demo of the plug in, to try with the Cinema demo, but the plug in only works with registered copies. Glad to hear about the "live" update - that would be an incredible time saver. Am I to understand that Cinema is reading all object data directly from the Vectorworks file? Do you Cinema users also use the Advanced rendering plug in? The lighting control in the core package is pretty amazing, and it seems the radiosity would be time intensive...
  3. Katie, Many thanks, this seems to have cleared up the problem. I recently did a clean install of XP, so I don't have too much extraneous stuff installed (although I've certainly been down that road myself). I'm a little suspect of a windows update, but I'm not certain what started the problem.
  4. I've gone through this run around as well, as yet I've yet to find a reliable method. Marc, FYI I often need to import customers logos to creat 3D build specs.
  5. For some reason my VW prefs keep reseting to the defaults. My recent files list also gets cleared. This is a recent problem (post 9.5.2). Any ideas what could cause that? It's getting really irritating to have to go through the process of setting prefs everytime I start the program. Where are these prefs stored? Maybe at least I could keep a backup..... Spotlight 9.5.2 Pentium III 1.2 WinXP 512M
  6. For some reason my VW prefs keep reseting to the defaults. My recent files list also gets cleared. This is a recent problem (post 9.5.2). Any ideas what could cause that? Spotlight 9.5.2 Pentium III 1.2 WinXP 512M Thanks
  7. Sounds like a good idea - till then I use LD Calculator (which will also balance loads, calculate bridles, estimate truck space, and lots more). http://www.jamindustries.com/LightGroup/Software/freeware.htm
  8. I cannot find where the Lightwright extension files are. The manual alludes to being "selected at installation" (page D-1), so I tried reinstalling Spotlight, but I did not see any options except path and gobos. Please help.
  9. Katie ->Are you on a Mac or PC ?>What OS ?Wintel P3 1.13, 512M, Win XP >When you noticed the freeze, did you get an >error message?>Could you still move the mouse, or did that >freeze as well? Machine completely frozen, no mouse, no Cntrl/Shft/Esc, no option except the power button.
  10. This morning I installed 9.5.2. I was continuing a project building symbols. When I went to a right view, and used the rotate tool, the program locked up. I have Click-Drag drawing checked, and I had Snap to Object on. I clicked on 1 corner, then on another corner, and that's when the lock happened. I verified this problem using a blank drawing, creating an Extruded Rectangle, and got the same result 3 times. I reinstalled 9.5.1 from the CD, and it works fine.
  11. Katie,Thanks for your reply I do not think I am being clear about my question. The file is set for E size paper, both under File/Print setup and Page/Set Print Area. No problem there. I would like to have a quick scratch version print to a smaller page. I zoom in so the window shows the area I want to print. I select File/Print. I select the printer and 8x11 paper. I check "Print Current View". I click ok. Then Vectorworks says "printing pages 1 through 24". According to the manual, the Current view is scaled larger or smaller to fit the select page size.How do I make that happen? quote: Originally posted by Katie: Set the page set up with the E size sheet from the File menu in VectorWorks. Then go to Page>Set Print Area. There is a setting for Size: followed by a drop down box. Select "One Page" from the file sizes. In the left portion of the dialog box you should see one single grey box on the grid. This lets you know that the page will be printing to one page. If you see more than one grey box connected in the grid, then you do not have "One Page" selected in the drop down box. Without One Page selected, you might see several grye boxes on the grid in the Set Print Area dialog box. The grey boxes are marking the page breaks. Please note, "print current view" will only print what you see on the screen. If you are zoomed in to where you are inside the print boundry box, you will only be able to print what you see on the screen. [ 01-15-2002: Message edited by: Katie ]
  12. MikeBI did that - as I mentioned VW then printed the file devided between 2 11x17 sheets.Thanks though quote: Originally posted by MikeB: Change your page size to 11 x 17 in your page set up and then make sure your print area is set to one page. This is under your Page menu.
  13. I thought I was the only one crazy enough to use Bryce as a rendering engine!I'll agree that Bryce might give you great results, however it is a whole new program and may not be the best option.I have an associate that has gotten good results with Art-lantis. It offers a more direct interface for coloring and texturing, as well as key-frame camera movement. quote: Originally posted by Giovanni: Bryce 5 is a much more powerful animation program,but you need to export everything to it in DXF, assign materials, fix problems, learn how to use it.Rendering quality will be fantastic, but forget the simple and quick VW Renderworks inteface; it takes time to learn it.
  14. I have a drawing set up for E size paper, and I'm trying to print a copy to 11x17 paper. According to the manual, I should be able to select "Print Current View", and with the printer set to 11x17 landscape get a one page copy. However, VW wants to print 16 pages at scale. I tried changing the "Print Area" to 11x17 - now VW reduces the drawing and prints 2 pages, but the drawing is split between the 2 pages and not all of it is printed either way. Thanks
  15. We have a 5 user copy ov VW, with 8.5.2 installed. On a couple of NT machines, the default font has changed. This is apparent in the reg info on the splash screen, as well as all the pallettes. Why would this happen? Thanks
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