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  1. I removed them, and I seem to be stuck in demo mode. What do I need to do to get back to normal?
  2. I have 10.1 Can I uninstall the previous versions?
  3. I would check out the corrupt font problem, but I find it highly suspect that the same problem occurs on an unrelated machine running xp (mine is 2000) using a desk top printer. It sounds like somthing in the 2000/xp program isn't liking VW 9 through 10. I have attempted to call microsoft for help, and could never get a human to talk to. It seems there are alot of folks having this same problem.Perhaps Nemetschek could run it down more efficiently.
  4. to Katie When you go to Print, are you clicking on anything - like another program or something while the file is printing? I use the same print procedure as we always have. In WIN 98 print spooling was quick and I never had compressed text problems. Since 2000 the print spool time lasts from 30 to 60 sec, and scrunched text is the norm. It seems that I can get it to stop if I ungroup everthing and then regroup before printing.
  5. I have been having this problem since we upgraded our OS to win 2000. We just upraged all seats to VW 10.1 with hopes that the problem would go away. We use the hp650, and more often than not I get scrunched text. I thought it was a plotter problem, then a hub problem, then I took it home and got the same scrunched text 2ghz win xp and a desktop hp. I would LOVE to fix this problem, it is driving us nuts
  6. My company just upgraded all our seats to VW 10 (nice work by the way) One problem. When I open a new drawing I don't get the window to choose between a template or a blank drawing. VW 10 just throws up a new blank drawing automatically. any thoughts??
  7. Since I switched to windows 2000 the spooling time to the plotter (hp designjet 650c) takes minutes. The same action using 98 was instantaneous. We use Novell, so my guess is that somewhere in the bowels of my system setup is a setting that needs changed to accomodate win 2000. This is excruciating. Any ideas??
  8. Is anyone familiar with "renderdrive" from Advanced Render Technology? is the end worth the means?
  9. OK I need some help from the "wheels" on this discussion board. I have an opportunity to give a large sales presentation. I opened my mouth and suggested that we do an animated fly/walk through of the floorplan. I have done this before but only using the "on board" animator in VW. no texturing, no graphics, just simple rendered surfaces. So... 1-would renderworks be sufficient for the texture/surface portion of the plan, or is there a more efficient add on? 2-is there an animator that would be better to use than what is already provided in VW 9.5(mind you I don't need character animation, just static movement) 3- VW uses quick time to give the finished product is there a better platform with which to finalize and burn to cd?
  10. This Beta update was down loaded on friday 11/30 I've ordered the cd to make it easier to re-install.
  11. One of my fellow VW users has recently downloaded the Beta 9.5. When he tries to mirror a radius line he gets no line where there should be a line, and a ghost line where there shouldn't be. The vertical and horizontal lines mirror just fine. When we convert the curve to line segments it works just fine.
  12. I sometimes add color jpegs to my VW drawings, they print and plot perfectly, but.. When I print to pdf the pictures come through as black and white. Any suggestions
  13. I have VW 9 loaded on an Athalon 1.2g 256meg ram windows 98se nvidia geForce 2mx video card there is no repeatability, it just crashes whenever it feels like it. The bluescreen error code is "fatal exception OE 0028:c0059c8d" I have unplugged, turned down, downloaded, and called microsoft, AMD, and VW tech support(multiple times, getting no response) I really like the VW9 version, but I have to run 8.5.2 to get anything done. (1)Anybody got any suggestions? (2) when is the beta 9.5 due? and put me on the list.
  14. Is it possible to do animation that changes geometry? For instance making a stationary object that pulses, or breathes. Or is this not possible with the Animation package provided with vectorworks?
  15. I have a conical shaped header that I need to dimension. Is there a way to remove or "peel" a section off of a cone, and flatten it out to use as a plot template for production. EL
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