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  1. Close Jim I've used the "Adjust Flipped Text" option, and I love it. However, while it will flip text on a mirrored symbol, or a 180? inserted symbol, and they look great, if the symbol is at an odd angle, say 33? or even 90? then the text will read left to right within the symbol, but at an angle with respect to the page. Vectorscript, huh Katie? never tried that. sounds scary. I'll dip my toes in that water tentatively though. Wish me luck. Thanks. David
  2. Close Thanks David. That was almost what I was looking for. But I am looking for actual text. For instance: 1/4" = 1'-0" that could change to: 1/2" = 1'-0" when I change the layer scale. Any suggestions for that? Thanks, David H
  3. Is there any way to insert a text object into say a title block which contains the scale of that layer? This way if you change the layer scale to print to a different sized piece of paper the scale field would change along with it. Make sense? Is this something that exists somewhere and I just can't find it? BTW: I am using VW Spotlight v9.5 on Windows. Thanks, David
  4. Anybody ever get an answer to this question?
  5. Acrobat is the way to go. I always print at Kinkos (unfortunately I can't afford a plotter myself). I use Adobe Acrobat to create a .pdf file, and with very little coaxing I am almost always able to get Kinkos offices to print out my e-sized plots. AND they look great.
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