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  1. I'm looking to take the next step in final renders. The majority of my renders are for live events, conferences, etc. This is the final step for design approval, and most of our clients want "photo realistic." I've been using FQ Rendering or Final Interior via Vectorworks, but seems like some of the 3rd party rendering programs are more efficient. The only program I'm mildly familiar with is Cinema 4D, but the monthly subscription worries me. Looked into Twinmotion. Seems awesome, but geared more for architectural and outdoor renders. What are you guys using for final renders?
  2. Great info Don. I'm looking at doing final renders in TM, but lighting is crucial. The interface looks great, but I'm worried about adding lights just in TM.
  3. Fall off is 15', which is where the beam would hit the ceiling. Also set to realistic.
  4. Having abnormal reflections from lit fog lighting beams. Is there a way to make the beams hit the roof and dissipate? See photo of beams on back wall. Thanks for any help! (also named the photo abnormal reflections. Anyone want to start a 90s alternative band?)
  5. I'm having the same issue. To make sure I had a closed environment, I literally drew a building around my venue, and still getting the same problem. UPDATE: I found ONE leko, that falloff was set to 'none'. Blew out the whole scene.
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