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  1. Hi Thanks for your answer. Before I send the file I need to strip all markings of the client first out of it. Rendering on cloud service I figured out that the 3D panorama only works out in a closed environement as soon if there is even a crack in wall the light from outside (even if its not there) kills the whole rendering. Which is still strange because if I use the same settings and angle on a normal renderworks camera I get a perfect render
  2. I have tried a lot of different options now but still getting the same bad result
  3. Hi all I am having a problem with my panorama 3D renders. For some reason the ambient light stays on and they wont be rendered in the perfect setting. Anyone has the same problem and or know a work around? This way the panorama is not perfect to be send out to my client Attached 2 screenshots of renders, one of a normal render which shows the result it should be and one screenshot of the panorama render. And yes this is after it is fully processed because i know it starts always as a openGL render Thanks in advance
  4. Hi. I am using the cloud publish with sotre on dropbox and proces on cloud, and have some sheet layers that I publish for processing into an image. I choose the option to render out of data content and choose the option export each page as single image. but it sometimes only publishes a part of the image and not the whole page. is this a bug or did more people had the same problem and found a work around?
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