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  1. A long debate on the mention of Revit. It used to be AutoCAD. VW is still better than ACAD. End of 'story'. NVW should only promote Archicad for BIM. Let archicad users fight the BIM wars. Pity though...I used to use a lot of the data functionality right from the minicad versions. Stopped as it wasnt going anywhere. Right at the moment for a BIM programme I choose Revit.
  2. Can we have 1 tool location for Wall Join and Component Join. Say Only have Wall Join and toggle with shift/ctrl for component join (T, L and Capped. Thanks
  3. I'm 2 months into Revit and I'm liking it alot. Trying to set pre-setup our VW default files like Revit (structure)- realise how many classes are needed to support a storey. A storey with a min. of 4 layers (roof, ceiling, slab, floor, foundation...) If we are going to start using these ceiling, slabs, roofs tools then these 'smart objects' need to actually know where they are actually placed in the built environment. They should also come with common attributes easily managed on the object and be viewport specific. We should not need layers to locate them or classes to create viewport specific views. ahhhhhhhggghhhh...
  4. We still using 'User data and preference folder' in the server. Found a way to default the wrkspace to the standard workspace at VW startup. Lock the settings folder. Also lock the workspaces folder. Smiled when we had a couple new people also previous ACad users using the (our) standard workspace.
  5. None the less. We are testing the "WorkGroup folder on the server". Has its downside but also its 'control' benefits. We aim to get rid of 'AutoCAD user' workspaces. Cant teach them new things when they are still holding to their old habits. Easy to update whats on the user folder. especially plugins, resource browser... etc. A downsides is because we are in beta stage and their are current users who don't want to change and so we have other saved workspaces. So whoever shuts down last VW saves that users workspace. Hope that annoys them to change. I was looking for any discussion on the Workgroup and Project Folders which is the bit below the User Folders under the Vectowworks Preference but found this instead.
  6. Drake from tech support was very helpful. He noticed my symbol definitions having different records attached to them. Thanks Heaps Drake. SOLUTION 1: In edit (stubborn) symbol (without selecting any text or lines) check which records are X in the OIP. De-select any unrelated records. If it doesn't work see Solution 2. SOLUTION 2: Email tech support.
  7. Katie, Any ideas what the turnaround reply is. Emailed 07/08/07
  8. cbaarch..thanks for the input but we moving off topic. Just need someone who can sort the error out. Just to let you know our sheet layers with VPs and title blocks are located in the (1) print file. The working files are (separate) drawing files with plans, section, elevation etc etc etc...
  9. Hi The way we draw in this office is by having the working file and the print file separate. Every time I open the print file this error occurs...[Note the update ref is set to Automatically during opening...] 'An error occurred while converting a Text Link using the Format named "Door Record" (probably out of memory). The Text Link has been deleted from the document.' To work around this I need to delete the ref symbol and then update the work group ref.when file is open. Any suggestions.
  10. Not sure if this the long term solution but it works...all that matters. I played around with Advanced print option from Acrobat reader. Under 'marks and bleeds' I selected the 'Print As Image' to a 300dpi. Let me know if you have found another solution Katie. Thanks
  11. I thought it may have to do with the origin pt is miles away. Someone drew the Section and I had to overlay my detail section over. I moved the section and section details to 0,0 but that didn't help either.
  12. Currently working on 1 project. Lets say only on this VW file. Yes it happens on both printers. I've also tried it on someone else's pc and the same happens. Its beginning to look like its the VW print file.
  13. Hi Katie Yes. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional Vers7.0.9
  14. Hi I've got a pdf file using export to pdf (batch)with about 22 pagers (sheet layers). When I send to print, some lines outside the view port crop prints, even though the file on the acrobat viewer is fine (no lines outside view port crop) I've tried setting 'Opacity of 100% to substitute Layer Transfer Mode" and thought this was the solution but again it has happened. Any help, most appreciated Printer HP Designjet 500 PS /Kyocera Mita KM-2530 KX VW ARCHITECT 12.5.2 Windows XP IP 4 3.2GHz
  15. Use 'Rotate Drawing' from Vectorbits. Cannot Undo though but can always reverse the rotation angle. Also will revert any workgroup ref original status. But can always revert rotation to 'upright' position and update workgroup ref. Its free so can't be choosy.
  16. I'm not sure how others are currently drawing their door/window 'elevation' schedule but if many are using the door/window plugin then maybe this can be added to the 'wishlist'. This coud be further expended to include auto dimensions.. Rough Openings etc
  17. Thanks Peter. I was hoping to keep the plug in intack if there were any changes. Was just trying to workgroup ref a floor plan and using viewports organise a 'elevation' schedule. I've noticed that with the door (selected) i.e. 1 door, I could use it as a viewport crop and If I change the door on the 'plan' the elevation also changes including the viewport crop size.
  18. Apart from a door & window 'schedule' on worksheet we also create/draw door & window 'schedule' showing their elevations with anotataions under. Is it possible to extract these elevations from the door/window (plugin) on a floor plan. I've managed to do this with one door/window but cannot seperate them when their are others doors/windows within the same plan. I.e. selecting the door plugin and creating a viewport using elevation view. We still using VW11.5. Is this possible on VW12
  19. mikatoa


    Or you can 'clip surface' under Tool and apply your hatch to the 'punched' surface. You have to do the process again if you need to edit.
  20. Scale to Linear Dimension from PanzerCAD it wil scale your photo to a known dimension.
  21. A good start for your Q&A's NNA KnowledgeBase
  22. In vw11. 5 You will have to break the note into 3. Duplicate and edit each note ie remove using obj. info. To get the required width also on the obj info wich has a width option. As for the length - no luck
  23. Grant. You after the 'Scale to linear dimension'. I.e. scalling whole object to one side. It works with dimensions too. See PanzerCad
  24. Diana. That clunky/confusion sums it. I find that no matter what the wall thickness is and (say) the door setout from a corner wall it will give an offset of 450. +1/2 the wall thickness will put the door on the inside corner. +### will provide the offset dim needed of the door from the inside wall. Works the same with a straight wall. No need for +1/2 wall thickness. I prefer using Offset Symbol Insertion Mode from the begining.
  25. My 2 cents. Usually I work the sections on 1:5 scale. No text. All on Worksheet. I then use the sections for elevations and construction details Floor plans 1:50 which gives Floor plans, Detail plans for Interiors and site plan. I keep away from multiple scale layers. All text on worksheets. Keep one method. Either on worksheet or within viewport. I prefer worksheet. Its a pain when moving viewport but this is usually done less. Having one method helps when someone else is using the drawing later. Toggle between both worksheet and layer if need be for text. All Dimensions within viewport. Like that just have to worry about Line weight and hatch using Advanced Porpoerties. Note we use a WGR's - master and slave. The slave been worksheet/TB files. Never bothered with layer links unless using 3D.


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