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  1. THE LIGHT SOURCE (oops) may not show up as an object but it still exists, think of it as you would see the sun if you walk by a south facing shop window or the glare you get off a shiny object. the light rays you see in that case are the same as in a ray traced rendering . . .
  2. the view menu, not to be cranky, but how else would you do it?
  3. it is only 3d objects thanks for the replies! haven't had a chance to check it.
  4. yup, move your drawing to match the location of the page outline. your page is probably not anywhere near the origin like a previous poster explained, that is why it seems to zoom off.
  5. it is a group that is part of a symbol. the project is a 5 unit rowhouse of three stories, so each floor of each rowhouse is a symbol, the three interior units are the same, and the two end units are the same, thus there are 6 symbols to make 15 floor plans. the second and third floors of the interior units have identical balcony/guardrails.
  6. 10x10 room? use the wall tools, and PIO for windows etc. that will generate your elevations, and you can use the section tool as well. convention center with steel work? you can use the columns/beams/joists objects, or just model them from scratch with the basic forms (extruded and sweeps etc) then skin it with the lofting tools, or extruded or sweep the surfaces.
  7. I have 3d objects (a balcony and rail) in a layer, they are visible in top view, but disapear in plan view. how can I get them to be visible in plan view as 2d objects?
  8. what are you drawing in 2d? houses? if so then you are also doing elevation and section drewings then? in that case you should think of it as a modeling project, the model gives you your elevations and sections. putting things in classes alows you to hide things which get in the way when your drawing gets complicated. think of sheets as what your prints will look like, and how you want to minimize the work you do when you print your docs.
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