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  1. It use to be easier in V10. Now we can't export JPG or PSD at a good resolution. or we have to send them out at A4 or less. This is not good for clients who print our drawings at A1! We have tried the PDF though the print driver but the drawing is low quality. We use to export to PSD and then open in photoshop and have some control. And we have tried the EPS but the overlay layers don't work. Is there a solution to this problem?
  2. OK by accident while doing Templates for my work I found the solution First - Titleblock Layer to Active only Second - Select All Third - Select Page Tool Fourth - Apple and 4 Fifth - Click so that the X appears in the page boundary Sixth - Apple and 3 Seventh - Tada ! there is your Titleblock Eighth - Click where you want your boundary to be. Cheers Damian
  3. Thanks for everyones advice :-) However, we can't shift the origin point on our drawings as they are referenced to the Australian Map Grid and are used by the Architect, Engineers, etc and it then becomes a pain for them reference in our drawing. Hopefully the page viewports in Version 11 will help us with this problem.
  4. you place a titleblock on a layer and place the print area on the page border then if you change the layer scale the print area moves out of the screen and is located somewhere which takes at least 8 zoom outs to find it.
  5. How do I stop the Print Area going out into no mans land when I change the scale of all the layers?? Cheers Damian
  6. Urban


    Has anyone used Dynastrip with a HP plotter and OS X? Does this solve the transperancy issue?
  7. I like how we change the scale of the hatch. But how about being able to select all of the layers at once in the hatch so i can change the lineweight of all lines. This is a problem with ACAD hatched which can have 30-40 layers. Another thing I would like a Viewport tool for pages I hate have to create masks all the time to not show what is outside the titleblock border. And also show five sections of the one plan on a one sheet (eg a narrow road which only requires 1/3 of an A1 sheet.)
  8. We are currently running VW10.1 on OS 9.22 and we cannot get overlay layers to print on an HP800 with HPGL card and extra ram. We have tried using Posterjet 6.3 and Microspot X-Rip but they still do not print overlay we either get block out or just an outline of the shape. We also have a HP 455CA and it prints overlay through RTL driver fine. How do we fix the problem??


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