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  1. I just downloaded the Cloud Service desktop app 2 days ago, and everytime I "generate PDFs", the 3d viewports come back in wireframe mode even though the viewports are set at final renderworks quality. I am trying cloud services for rendering to avoid tying up my computer for hours while it tries to render a complex model. The file that I recently uploaded for this continually crashes my computer when I set the viewports on final renderworks quality. So the "cloud" was my alternative, and so far it's a failure. I also am getting an error message about a missing font: AvantGarde Md BT. That font is not a windows font. And that font does not exist in the document - only Arial, which is the font Vectorworks in supposedly converting the missing font to. Being a newbie to cloud services I have no way of knowing if the missing font is causing the rendering problems. The file in question was created in VW 2016. I have been using cloud services from VW 2016 as well. Is there something I'm supposed to be doing, or a setting I am supposed to be using that I missed? Called tech support yesterday, but didn't help.
  2. I have been a VW user since version 8.5, and upgraded to most of the versions since. Recently I have started using VW 2015. VW used to ship with an abundance of symbol libraries - plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc. I can't find any of these libraries in version 2015. I've looked everwhere in the 2015 folder, and the only thing I could find was a folder with a few toilets. Where did the libraries go? Am I missing something? I tried to open a library from version 2013, but it can't be added to the Favorites without conversion. I don't want to spend the time it will take to convert all of the old libraries. I would hate to be a 1st time user and can't find a sink to add to a floor plan!
  3. The Simple Room Name tool allowed one to change the size of the name, number, and other data independently. As well, one could select numerous room tags, and change finishes and data at one time, unlike the door tool, for example. I don't have a problem so much with the space tool, as I have a problem with discontinuing the ability to attach finishes to the Simple Room Name tool. Nemetschek brags that Vectorworks allows the user to work the way they want to work, but not in this case evidently. I appreciate all your input & help.
  4. OK, tried your last suggestion and it worked. However it still is a lousy work around: Being a symbol all of the components had to be edited separately, i.e., the number box did not re-size when I changed the font size of the number. I had to re-size the box manually which is awkward to say the least. Furthermore changing the symbol changes all instances of the symbol of course and there are times when I may want a different font size for the labels in smaller spaces. What do I have to do for that? Duplicate the symbol, give it a new name and change the font size accordingly? That's ridiculous. I have been doing construction drawings for 30 years. What I want is just a label that's connected to the Finish Schedule. I don't' want or need all the bells & whistles of the "New" Space Tool. I don't need it for design - I don't design that way. The Simple Room Name tool worked just fine until VW2011 (if it changed in 2010 I wouldn't know as I didn't upgrade to that version)why it was changed, or better stated broken is beyond me!
  5. OK, Experimented a little more. The file I was having trouble with has only 1 space (1 room addition)that needs to be "scheduled". So a work around for that file is not a big deal. I went to another project that I am just starting: a 2-story residence. Placed a space label on each floor with assigned finishes and created the finish schedule on another design layer - no problem, and the schedule picked up both spaces. So the tool appears to be functioning properly. But... I still don't understand why I can't select the font size for the various items of the label. I was under the impression that the space label was to be put on the design layer of the particular floor it is assoc. with. All of those layers have a scale much smaller than 1:1. The problem is when the label is placed the text is approx. 14 pt. Way too large - I prefer 10 or 8 depending on scale of plan. When I try to edit the symbol created in the drawing file, the font size is listed as "0" and there is no way to edit that that doesn't result in a huge label. I have tried using both "page" and "world" settings and it doesn't make any difference. Why the functionality of selecting the font size was removed is beyond me!
  6. Farookey, Been busy working on projects started in VW2009. Today i experimented a little. As you suggested, I started new file - 2 spaces & created a finish schedule - no problem. Went to the file I had trouble with and the "create schedule" command worked - so long as the worksheet was placed on the floor plan layer. I usually place the schedules on detail/schedule layer and create viewports. For some reason VW2011 will not let me create the schedule on a detail layer (This is not a problem with Door Schedules). This is not a big problem, but raises the question as to what will happen with a multi-story bldg? A schedule for each floor? I don't want that. Also, I cannot change the text size of the space name or number. There must be a way. You could do it with all previous versions of the tool. I am using SP3 by the way. And thanks for your help.
  7. I did find those libraries and I guess I will have to cut & paste as you suggest. But I have another problem. The rooms & and assoc. data are not appearing on the finish schedule. And I have checked the on schedule box. is there anything else about this tool I need to know?
  8. Just started using VW2011 for the construction drawings for my most recent project after using VW2009. I am trying to create a room finish schedule. Apparently the only way to create one is to use the NEW Space Tool. You can't use the Room Name Simple tool because you can't assign room finishes to it in 2011. When assigning room finishes to the space tool label it brings up a Room Finish Library that I don't want to use. I want to use the Room Finish Library that I have developed over the past few years and include in a custom preference set. The problem is no matter what preference set I chose the Room Finish Library does not change - even when choosing 1 of the pre-installed sets, which ALL have a Room Finish Library that is different than the one the Space Tool accesses. I really don't want to re-create all the finishes in this other library AND I shouldn't have to. What is this Room Finish Library that the Space Tool defaults to & how can I change to one of my choosing?
  9. Never mind, figured it out.
  10. I have just tried the slab tool for the first time. I was able to create the floor assemblies that I wanted, but they are only visible in Top/Plan view. After I created the 1st slab I was able to view it in isometric and elevation views, both wireframe and rendered. But after that, I can't see them in any other view, isometrics, elevations, etc. I have checked the class visibilities, saved view visibilities, layer visibilities and everything is as it should be. I must be missing something. Any input is appreciated.
  11. Should have posted this update a few weeks ago, but I guess I forgot. Identified the problem as Dell installed security software. Had Dell remove all of it & VW 2011 opened, and has opened just fine since. I have contacted NM tech support to let them know what the problem was. I hope this helps Kerma. If you have a Dell, that is probably the problem.
  12. Kerma, I your laptop a Dell? If it is, call Dell tech support to remove all their security software - you probably don't need it. I had the same problem, took a while to narrow the culprit to Dell installed software, but when all was removed 2011 opened fine.
  13. Updated to SP3 about a week ago and happy to report the problem appears to be fixed The couple of files I tested opened fairly quickly w/o a problem. I will be using 2011 on new projects, hopefully w/o issues.
  14. Tried Batch Convert. No change - freezes when updating plug-ins.
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