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  1. I've changed my mind again, sorry. I just tried to use that 'under fire' and it totally failed. Circles + text ----> Grouped---> grab corner and scale... nope. circles ended up halfway across the screen and text stayed where it was and still as small. Useless. Text should scale just as much as an object, and everything should scale up in proportion and in relative position with everything else selected. Why is this such a difficult concept for VW to get? These things on screen are just THINGS. Not sacred treaties to be individually negotiated according to specific cultural sensitivities. Me: "Hey scale this stuff please when I drag out a corner of the box surrounding the things" Adobe Illustrator (or ACAD): "Sure. Done." VW: "Oh. Well... it's complicated. You see; green circles like to do this on a Tuesday but not on a Friday. Purple circles won't scale f you've eaten bacon for lunch but are fine with ham sandwiches for dinner. Polylines will only scale if not rotated counter clockwise. A square is not just a closed poly line, it's a whole separate species so it will scale but will jump across the screen out of sight and away from the group which you just carefully arranged. Text won't do anything because it only believes in obscure conspiracy theories and won't leave the house. Symbols refuse to speak to anyone except their therapist."
  2. Actually Boh, I think you've just solved it for me. I hadn't played with those functions, so the 'single' mode is fine enough for a group. Still seems unnecessarily complicated. The one tool should just do all this without having to go up to the corner and switch modes. Anyway, thanks!
  3. Same problem. Grouped or ungrouped. Baffling.
  4. Thanks Pat. It still does really weird things to groups or multiple selections. Like decide to throw one object far away from the others. Utterly bizarre.
  5. I am once again asking about the resize tool. This is the most awful, useless thing since the invention of square wheels. All I want to do is select an object or several objects or a group, and scale proportionally in simple, logical fashion. I want to be able to just grab the tool and do it on the fly. I don't want to have to go into a sub-menu and then carefully jump through several button clicks to do it either if I don't need that precision. Just grab it by corner or side handle, Scale (holding SHIFT to ensure that everything in the selection stays exactly proportional unless I want it loose), Bam! Done. Next. Trying to use it honestly makes me want to throw my computer across the room. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it work.
  6. Has there been any update on this? I'm really struggling with the Landscape Area logic also.
  7. Thanks Jonathan. I really think the term 'extra-super-duper eyedropper' is far more elegant, mysterious, and should definitely be included into the VW literature. My current class / layer hygiene/ discipline is pretty raw at the moment. So I've got a lot of room for improvement anyway. Cheers
  8. Thanks Pat, A colleague just showed me that the easiest way accomplish what I need is to change one dimension and use the extra-super-duper eyedropper (Ctrl +Alt) to keep creating new dims just like that. It's not a permanent thing in the resources, but done done on the fly. Fair enough. I was probably over-complicating things. Have a good New Year.
  9. Hello all, As a newby I am still coming up with questions which may be silly. Is there a way to create a dimension style which only comes up with a standard text leader ( "EQ") instead of the measurement? Some sort of symbol / label which you scale / stretch on first use like a dimension? Thanks for the help!
  10. AutoCAD LT handle text a LOT better than VW, and it's nowhere close to something like Illustrator etc. It wouldn't take very many 'features' to improve VW control.
  11. Thanks Zoomer. I know about the tracking slider, and in my humble (but correct) opinion, it's garbage. I use it because I have no other option. Spacing out letters in their own boxes makes an absolute mockery of the last 40 years of computer graphic interfaces. I have the feeling this sums up VW for me. Great for counting plants, but tortuously inefficient for actual graphic processes. "like drawing with your good hand tied behind your back" I believe was a quote I saw in the forum somewhere.\ Don't get me started on the lack of polyline editing shortcuts.
  12. It is indeed hilarious in a sad way that there is more control in the forum pages than in the actual program. Zoomer: I'll dig around a bit more to find this kerning control, but I certainly couldn't see anything in my first look. Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm still new to VW and while I'm slowly beginning to enjoy some of its functions, I keep coming across frustrations which seem a big disappointment in the software. I've mentioned this before but it seems more and more pressing every time I use VW for presentation documentation: lack of real kerning /tracking control. As someone coming from a graphic design background, it makes me squirm with embarrassment to output documents which have such glaringly awful typography setouts. I'd like to avoid having to take PDFs into another program merely to do labels on maps etc. Attached is a sample of the problem. The letters K,I,N are not spread out enough to be proportional with the rest of the letters. This is magnified with the tracking (INFO PALETTE) set to maximum in the closest approximation of mapping styles for road names etc. I understand the inbuilt letter-based kerning proportions that VW is using, but unfortunately that is incorrect for anything other than body text. Adding spaces in between the offending letters helps a little but is still wrong, and it pains me greatly. Can VW PLEASE add in a little more control to to stop people with a few typography bones from weeping uncontrollably. Or... let me know where I can find controls that I have not yet discovered? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Tom, I agree that's a useful method for accurate scaling. As for "allow you to quickly take dims direct from the drawing which speeds up the process considerably!" I'm afraid I humbly disagree. The time is very quickly multiplied when doing all those extra steps in drilling into menus and sub sub menus and clicking at least 5 times within in it. The quickest (and not nesc any less accurate method if using snaps correctly) would be to use a simple grabbing modifier and simply pull the offending group /object bigger /smaller, just like the Illustrator example I've given previously. ALT (for a centre anchor) + SHIFT (proportional) + grab a corner and go. Bang, done. Next. I understand now that this bit of UX is unavailable in VW, but I'd hope the dev team might see fit to include it one day. Still curious to know why the fixed point scale doesn't work as described.
  15. Experiments with the version of VW I'm using show that this doesn't do anything! :)
  16. Thanks Pat, I have just attempted what you advised. It works to hold Ctrl + Shift for a rectangle, but not a group or any other object. (edit: rounded rectangle and ovals work too) Where the little dot is selected on the info palette seem to not make any difference to any grip-scaling. That was one of my first thoughts when going through this. Is there an option to make that selection matter or link to the objects / groups in question? I could almost live with that.
  17. Since there is no functionality to casually scale from the centre of an object or group (except circles), I've been trying to make the 'Scale from fixed point' tool work (A frustrating extra step which interrupts work flow.) Unfortunately it fails to work either. I snap to the centre point of what ever it is, a shape, a group and try to drag it out proportionally, but no joy. Holding shift just constrains the distortion vertically or horizontally. Holding Alt does nothing. Shift+Alt nothing. Beating my forehead against the keyboard just produces random results and scares colleagues. The text snap cues have all disappeared also. As far as I can tell, they are on in the options settings, but I only get little symbols which I guess at. I'm OK with that but I have a feeling this is all tied together as both a bug and a basic (bad) functionality. Perhaps a Service pack will fix it. The basic functionality however needs a serious overhaul. I really really really think VW needs to take a cue from Adobe Illustrator and see how there object scaling functionality grips works. AI is extremely intuitive and is a joy to use with / Alt constraints. Thanks for any help anyone might give.
  18. I have a mystery palette which is rather persistent. I can drag it around, but it will not go away. All the palettes listed under 'Window' are accounted for, so it's not one of them. It just keeps popping up in the same place whenever I open VW and will not save as any arbitrary new position, like the others. It also has the magical power to hover over every screen or application even when VW is minimised. When VW is exited and closes down, this is the last thing to disappear. It is happy to hide under the other palettes, but I feel that it is probably too scared to go into the ultimate blackness of eternity, so it hangs around like this, hoping for some impossible reprieve unto usefulness. Are there any priests out there willing to perform a kindly exorcism?
  19. There is a duplicate setting within Preferences which solved the issue. Another complication which is unneeded.
  20. Thank you for your time _C_, As I said, I think there are a few issues to sort out with V2021, because only the tab slider seems to do anything. There is some rudimentary control from within the Object Info box, but no absolutely no handles / rotation etc. I can move the text box. That's it. Perhaps there is another control option buried in Preferences, which I have not yet found to enable. Nevermind. I look forward to future improvements.
  21. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/VW2021_Guide/Text/Modifying_text.htm But that is not what happens. I use the selection tool, double click to activate (single click just highlights), and this happens: I believe this is probably a 2021 bug.
  22. Hi, Thanks for your response. Generally I would like to see better control over text and text boxes. The lack of control handles on text boxes was a bit of a shock for a start! Kerning, paragraph controls, columns, re-flow. etc. As a usability tip, how about actually showing the actual font as a representation, within the font selection window? A full text / paragraph palette to drag out and use while editing. The callouts should have better, intuitive controls / handles. Hope to see these improvements soon, as my office is forcing me onto VW.
  23. As a newby, I am appalled by the lack of control to text. VW was touted to me as an all-singing/dancing replacement to several other workflow packages. I've explore all the options that I can see in VW 2021, and I feel I'll need to go back to Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or even ACAD LT to get any reasonable level of graphic control over text. Even the help pages are blatantly untrue in regards to the control points on text boxes. Really unimpressed.


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