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  1. Is there a way to auto recalculate (update) the sheet list on my cover sheet rather than creating a new one each time something changes or the project evolves with more sheets?
  2. Hi and hope all is well. I am a sole proprietor in Florida with a fluctuating workload. I am beginning to take on more work and I am seeking assistance with drafting as work ebbs and flows. I am looking for assistance with both residential and commercial drafting on a per project basis for construction document/permit drawings. Namely: Drafting floor plans Reflected ceiling plans Creating a 3d model for sections and elevations interior elevations Annotating drawings, door and window schedules Detailing Picking up red-lines Time zone is not an issue. Modern pandemic issues have shown us that work can happen remotely from anywhere at anytime. That said, there will be deadlines that need to be met, but we can discuss your availability and set realistic deadlines. I don't like to be stressed out and I certainly do not want to stress you out, so communicating timelines etc. is key. I like technology and am open to ideas to make this workflow efficient and fun. I am using VW 2021. Attention to detail is key in architecture and being able to communicate well is important to me. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested and see if we can have some fun with Vectorworks. Reply to the post or message me if you are interested and we can talk.
  3. Thanks for the video... you guys/gals rock!
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I'm green to VW but things are starting to all make sense once you ignore the Revit and AutoCad mindset. And VW is very adaptable and allows for a lot of flexibility. Again thanks for the assistance.
  5. I will have to look into making a script - pros and con, but it may work for me. The problem I am having with having a lot of classes (for me clutter) is that even with hierarchy I have to wade through especially since VW does not automatically put some objects on a class and I miss selecting the class when creating the item since some and some do not. I am totally with you on the control and flexibility of classes.
  6. I also like the 9 class limit. Clutter is driving me crazy. Does anyone know if you can have callouts by default to an ANNO class for example? Dimensions do this out of the box, but I really need callouts to do it for simplicity
  7. Any wisdom on time saving suggestions are greatly appreciated. Not only with classes, but in general. Managing classes seems cumbersome and I lose a lot of time keeping objects in the correct class and would honestly like to have auto-classing take care of this, but auto-classing is too limited.
  8. With the CSI Masterspec Division approach, I like the grouping. How do you handle phases? Existing, demo, new? One of my biggest struggles is to have items auto-class. I am a TOTAL NEWBIE to VW. Coming from Revit, which has it's pros and cons like any software, the one thing I really enjoyed was to not have to worry so much about classes. Those few seconds to define classes for things you are working on and inevitably miss classing appropriately and using lots of time (in small amounts of seconds, but over time that adds up to a lot of lost productivity) to manually class is killing me. Is there something I am missing? I like this thread of sharing types of office class standards to make projects consistent. Thanks!
  9. UGH! The software lacks in so many ways...from simple text formatting to BIM features that other software has had for years. 😐 so many limitations in this software that even 2-d AutoCad resolved decades ago Even this forum allows for bullets. (that were noted to be added to the wish list in 2016!) Venting a bit. Frustrated with the software.... just bought it last month for 3k (with on-boarding) and now am rethinking my decision.... Software is just lacking so many features other software has and not logical (circle tool shortcut is '6' !? - why? Could be 'C' or 'CL' anything that makes sense.
  10. Thanks! I will definitely check them out.
  11. I'll check out archoncad. I saw those in my research. Hoping for a book as a reference as well, but these should work...just need to take notes. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I will use the workaround beams, seems like the best option for now and use the manual drawing in a pinch (last resort). Again new here, working through the learning curve and (and limitations from the software, many of which i am surprised are still limitations in 2020 BIM). The saving grace is that VW has great customer support and devoted users. Total side note. Is there a good book to walk you through an architectural project, both large and small, to speed up learning a good workflow and avoid me learning bad habits. The you tube videos are nice, but finding good ones, and ones in a coherent manner is hard to do and makes my head spin (also from experience learning revit, not everyone teaches best practices that end up causing future problems, they end up teaching sloppy drafting... I tend to like to do in right the first time). Again, thanks for all the support, you guys are the best. I will probably have more posts with questions and apologize in advance if I am repeating old questions. I always try to do the search in the help and forums first as I respect your time, but sometimes cannot find a pertinent post. Thanks!
  13. Newbie here. I looked but could not find a solution. In architecture it is extremely common to show items above in plan view, such as beams above and changes in ceiling elevation. Question is: Is there a way to show these so that they are tied to the model (wall with beam/opening or ceilings actually at different elevations. This would be extremely helpful to avoid inadvertent errors where the item below moves, but the representation of the conditions above do not move with it. Thanks in advance.
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