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  1. Hello! Tony, thank you for posting that file, it's helped me to figure out the foliage tool a bit more. I'm curious how you added the wisteria looking foliage in. I can't find that as an option for a leaf type. I'm on Vectorworks Landmark 2021. Did you need to create the symbol? I also can't find the wisteria flower. Also, is it possible to make the grid thicker, so that the foliage takes up more height and appears bushier? Thank you for your contributions to explaining this tool! It's been perplexing me. I want to be able to create vines that run across the top of a pergola, just like you have done, but haven't figured out all the steps to dial in the details.
  2. Thanks Jeff and Tom for the helpful discussion and feedback! The fence file was great, Jeff. I worked through it and created the magenta fence. This was basically what I was trying to do initially but couldn't get it to work out. Seems like the option to create the 2"x2" verticals was in 'Frame Bars' in the Frame/Panel section of the railing/fence settings. That was where I was previously stuck. I created the green one, but it just became a 'group' not an Auto Hybrid like the green one you created. The "wall" fence texturing is still a bit of a mystery to me, how the gaps between the verticals was created...though I probably won't go in this direction. Nice thing about the magenta one, even if it isn't as precise, is that I can save it as a fence symbol and use it to quickly re-draw more of the same fence. I can create a detail of it if needed using the ungroup method of the green fence.
  3. I've been searching online to find an answer before posting here, but I can't figure out how to either adjust existing fence panels from the symbol libraries or create new panels for fences using fence tool. I'm trying to make a fence with 2x2 verticals like the fence in the photo. I thought there would be a way to adjust the vertical panels in existing symbols, but I can only adjust the frame and posts. thank you!
  4. I've made a planting plan, using place plant and created a report to list the plants (latin name, common name, sch size and quantity). Most of the plants all come out fine, but I have missing quantities in about 25% of the plants on the list and i can't figure out why. Quantity number just lists as -- Why would these plant numbers not be showing in the report?
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