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  1. Thanks Jeff and Tom for the helpful discussion and feedback! The fence file was great, Jeff. I worked through it and created the magenta fence. This was basically what I was trying to do initially but couldn't get it to work out. Seems like the option to create the 2"x2" verticals was in 'Frame Bars' in the Frame/Panel section of the railing/fence settings. That was where I was previously stuck. I created the green one, but it just became a 'group' not an Auto Hybrid like the green one you created. The "wall" fence texturing is still a bit of a mystery to me, how the gaps between the verticals was created...though I probably won't go in this direction. Nice thing about the magenta one, even if it isn't as precise, is that I can save it as a fence symbol and use it to quickly re-draw more of the same fence. I can create a detail of it if needed using the ungroup method of the green fence.
  2. I've been searching online to find an answer before posting here, but I can't figure out how to either adjust existing fence panels from the symbol libraries or create new panels for fences using fence tool. I'm trying to make a fence with 2x2 verticals like the fence in the photo. I thought there would be a way to adjust the vertical panels in existing symbols, but I can only adjust the frame and posts. thank you!
  3. I've made a planting plan, using place plant and created a report to list the plants (latin name, common name, sch size and quantity). Most of the plants all come out fine, but I have missing quantities in about 25% of the plants on the list and i can't figure out why. Quantity number just lists as -- Why would these plant numbers not be showing in the report?


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