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    Print size

    Hi! I am trying to print my design in A3. The design layer prints at A3 but when I switch to sheet layer it prints the sheet format in another format. I end up with 1 out of 4 pages. It looks as I set up the sheet layer at A3 as well but somehow I don't get it to work.
  2. Thank you! Yes, I swapped to another 'Layers option' and it worked.
  3. 😄 planting plan Project Session 10.1.vwx
  4. It is there. The four orange boxes, top right hand corner, are plants but they are invisible or hidden as it appears.
  5. Some of my plants are suddenly invisible. I have the 2D view on but of some reason I can't see the plants.
  6. Hanna N

    Info bar

    How can I change from imperial to metric in resource manager? My plants all show inches but I would like this to be in mm or cm.
  7. Hanna N

    Info bar

    Thank you very much for your help! Problem solved. 😁
  8. Hanna N

    Info bar

    Noop. I have also switched between all the different workspaces eg Architect, Landmark etc. The basic toolset is on.
  9. Hanna N

    Info bar

    Sorry, yes it is just a screen shot from a tutorial and not mine😄. This is the palette I am after but I am afraid I can't find in my set up.
  10. Hanna N

    Info bar

    OK. Where do I find the Dims/Notes ? I only have the 'Basic' and the 'Tool set' on the left in my view.
  11. Hanna N

    Info bar

    I am a student and trying to learn Vectorworks Landmark by using your tutorials. I would like to create a sheet and import an info bar with text and scale etc for my landscape design. Does the student version not have any ready made templates? It seems like I can import a sheet layer somehow, but where from? There is nothing there.
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