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  1. So, if I read you correctly, I can't activate a Tool, then choose another Tool (ie. Line) then click in a drawing?

    I had originally created menu commands for the scripts, but I can't get one key shortcuts with those, which is what I am my staff would very much appreciate. However, if what I'm trying to do simply can't be done using VS, then I would imagine they could live with "chorded" shortcuts.


  2. Hello,

    I am a longtime VW user but have not done very much with VS so far.

    I am trying to make a Tool, to put in a palette (and eventually give it a keyboard shortcut), of a little custom script that I've used for years in a script palette (but has always of course lacked keyboard shortcuts). The little script, when double-clicked, quickly changes the pen colour, weight, etc. I have a few of these scripts for when I'm not drawing in a Class.

    Here's an example of one of these scripts:


    Procedure CustTool;











    This script has worked well for any line, circle, polygon, etc. However, when I made a Tool using this script (and put it in a palette and such), clicking on that tool doesn't have the same effect. The Tool button can be pressed, but then when I choose to draw a line, circle, etc the pen colour, size are not what the script should have told them to be (basically, they don't change as they are supposed to).

    So, am I trying to do something that isn't possible (that is, asking a tool script to only set pen colour, size etc without telling it to also draw a line, circle, polygon, etc)?

    Or am I just missing a bit of script that will do what I am looking to do?



  3. Hello All,

    I'm in a fairly new office of 8 people that is using VW2009 Architect. As such, there hasn't ever been a "symbol" or "resource" library (A "Favorite" file) established before, so the task is now mine. This library would have our custom hatches, custom symbols, our vectorscripts, etc. As it is a work in progress, it will be changing and growing for quite a while.

    In VW2009's Preferences, I have found that one can specify "Workgroup and Project Folders" on a shared hard drive (our server), so I am planning on building a file there that has all of our custom resources, then pointing everyone's VW at it. The file that I am building would have all of our resources, available in the Resource Browser and divided up into folders wherever possible for easy sorting & locating. By having it as a shared file in a "Workgroup folder" any changes I make to it would be available to any user each time they restarted VW, so I wouldn't have to install the new additions/change on each machine individually.

    Does this overall approach sound like a good way of setting such a shared resource? If not, what would you recommend?

    If it does sound like a good way of doing such a thing, might you have any tips as I'm building this file?



  4. Thanks for the reference link... I'll take a look through the problems people have been having.

    As for the 4 things you found in the promo information, those are exactly the kinds of things I am looking for, thanks! Hopefully more will turn up, since they are certainly not going to want to dish out a few thousand dollars for a handful of truly usable improvements.

    Anyone else?...

  5. I'm in an office of about 10 VW users. I've got everyone up to VW 9.5.3 (running in Mac OS 10.2.6) but I would like to upgrade the office to VW 10.

    Almost everyone here draws extremely basically, ie only with lines, using the occasional symbol when they realize they'll be using the same window/door a lot. (I know, it's painfully antiquated, but that's how they insist on working. I am just thankful they are even working with CAD rather than still using pencils.)

    I am curious to know if anyone can shed some light on what are _real_ differences between vw 9.5.3 and vw 10.x?

    I don't mean fancy-schmany differences like Digital Terrain Modelling or anything 3D really... I'm talking about down and dirty basic stuff, like double-clicking to get into groups/symbols/text to edit them. New/fixed features that they could take advantage of right away without changing the way they draw significantly. Stuff like that. (I'll work on getting them into the Wall Tool and such later.)

    I need to know this, from other real world users, because if they don't see the advantages to upgrading, they won't. And frankly I can't blame them. It's fair chunk of money -their money- for all of us to go to VW 10 and 9.5.3 *runs* in OS X, albeit not always so smoothly.

    Any and all thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.


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