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  1. Hi all, just giving this a bump in case anyone else can think of a way to solve this?
  2. Interesting. I've not had much cause for using floor objects previously, but it's useful to know this for future reference. As you say, odd modelling behaviour. Floor does seem fine if using it for flat edged shapes, but perhaps worth avoiding for curved surfaces if a smooth finish is desired. Again more good reason why they should just allow slabs to rotate and scale textures, then all these issues go away!
  3. By way of an update on this, I've ended up using one of the library assets (Site-Furn_DuMor Bench), an existing curved bench, which I've then edited the textures of for wood. Overall looks nicer as it has the steel sides and is generally a bit more architectural than the blocky bench I originally had. Here you can see it rendered in Enscape, with the correct directional wood grain.
  4. Thanks, I've just tried it using the floor method and this works nicely. Seems a lot faster to me for most use cases. The issue I had with using the sweeps etc, is that whilst they are fine in a blank document, when you are trying to use those in the middle of a busy model, flipping between front view (with lots of things in the way) and top view etc it becomes rather harder to be accurate. Whereas using floor method I can get the dimensions right in top view much more easily, so thanks for the tip. Edit - just noticed one thing which makes floor method less appealing. It seems that on a curved object, making it into a floor loses the smoothness of the curve, and instead has some quite severe corners along the curve line compared with slabs which seem to cope well with curves (see attached pic).
  5. Hi Matt, Thanks for taking the time to do this video - much appreciated and gives me a way to do what I need to for this specific project. That being said, it feels rather clunky overall to create something relatively simple, which could be done a lot more efficiently if we could only rotate the direction of textures on a slab. I'm not sure how much influence you have over future development of VW as a staff member, but if you can feedback the request to be able to rotate textures on slabs then it would be hugely appreciated. It would be such a useful feature!
  6. Hi Matt, Thanks for that. That does indeed look like what I'm trying to create. Just had a look in VW and it seems that slabs cannot be converted to auto-hybrids, is that correct? If so will I have to create everything from fresh to use these? When you say you used two sweeps, can I just check, did you draw the side view of the bench, then sweep that through x degrees? Then presumably needed to rotate that 90 degrees to get it to stand up in the right direction? It would be great to see the workflow steps you used so that I don't end up doing this in a really inefficient way. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I've created some bench seats using VW slabs. When applying a texture for rendering it seems that there is no way to change the rotation of textures (other than changing the texture itself). For the uprights of the bench the render goes in the right direction (i.e. wooden slats running vertically). I want the horizontal ones to run in a different direction though. (attached image shows the current state issue). I've got a few of these benches, each set at different angles (they all face into a central focal point but from different point). SURELY the answer isn't that I have to create 10 versions a texture each with different rotation angle and apply it to the different faces of the slab?! 🤯 VW can't be that dumb right!? Before someone suggests using extrudes, I can't do that either as they don't solid fill on a top plan, which is needed for this plan (again, why VW, why!! 🙄)
  8. Hi Grant. I've found the clip cube tool in VW now (never even heard of it before, so I've found some new functionality there at least!). Sadly when you then render through Enscape it ignores the clip and renders the whole model as normal. So close, but no cigar!
  9. Hi Grant, please can you elaborate? I've not seen any options in Enscape called anything like that, but may be missing something? p.s. for reference the way Enscape suggests you do Elevations themselves is to cut a section in VW then just use Enscape as normal (https://blog.enscape3d.com/orthographic-views)
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to create some 2D elevations from a 3D model. Specifically I'm trying to do this in conjunction with Enscape rendering, and therefore don't just want to use a native VW viewport for the elevation as that won't have the nice looking rendering of Enscape (and you can't run Enscape against a 2D viewport). Therefore I'm trying to create a 3D section and then view that via Enscape. I've done that in VW, but the result is somewhat odd. When creating the 3D section the result is a single grouped object in it's own design layer, which loses all of the render textures of the original model. Is there a way around this? It almost does what I'm after, but losing all the textures is rather unhelpful. Screenshots attached to demonstrate issue.
  11. Hi Hans, Thanks for that link. That particular article unfortunately didn't quite answer my question and seems rather convoluted for something that must be a pretty normal requirement for many people using VW (being able to easily make glass reflective). Anyway I'm actually using Enscape to do my final renders and have since figured out that I can edit the glass properties directly in it's own interface which is much more intuitive and give the desired result. For anyone else using Enscape, I'd encourage you to use the 'enscape materials tool' on the Enscape pad to edit your glass properties in there. Attached is a quick version of the internal mirrored windows I've done. At the moment, with it being 4 sides all reflecting off each other, it's a bit crazy, but once I've filled the design with planting etc then it should be much better.
  12. Hi all, This may be a rookie question, but I can't find the answer after a fair bit of searching. How does one go about changing the properties of glass inside of a window? I'm currently designing a garden within a courtyard, which has many windows facing onto it. For renders I want to make the windows opaque or mirrored rather than the default transparent ones. I've tried changing the object render texture to mirrored glass but this doesn't seem to do anything and I can't see any settings with the other options for the windows more generally relating to the glass etc. Please can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks! p.s. using VW2021 if that makes any difference.
  13. Hi all, This is probably a really basic question, but I'm struggling to find a guide anywhere to help me. I'm currently building a model with 2 stories. When in a 3D view I can only see one story at a time (by choosing the relevant design layer), however I'd like to be able to see both stories at the same time. What options do I need to select to allow this please? I've attached a pic to show what I mean. At the moment the second floor is greyed out translucent. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Is it possible to resize a 3rd party asset? I'm using Enscape with VW. There is a tree within the Enscape asset library which I want to use, but which is a bit too large, so I was wanting to resize it slightly. However, I can't seem to find a way to do this - am I missing something? I've had the same thing previously with Sketchup assets from the 3D warehouse. Thanks!
  15. Thanks both, I'll try those things and see which I get on with better. Presumably once I turn it into a symbol then I can't further edit the shape and so that should be the last thing to do before positioning it?
  16. Hi, I've been trying to create a model of a sculpture, to go into a garden. It's going to be a sundial type thing sat on top of a stone plinth. I'm attempting to create the model using a number of extruded objects. My issue is that I can't seem to find a way to change the Z height to move them up to the plinth level. If I create a single extruded item then I can change the 'bot z', but as soon as I've rotated the object (required in this instance), than bot z option disappears. Can anyone advise a way of changing the z of such objects? Or likewise, is there a better way altogether of creating a model like this using something other than extrude? I've added an image of the basic model I've created so far for context. I created it by extruding a single hollow circle, coping it twice and then rotating the others by 45 and 90 degrees. I'd like to be able to take the 3 shapes and move them as one in the z plain.
  17. @Tamsin Slatter Thanks for the quick reply. That has worked now for importing SU files. Do you know if the 3D warehouse app is being updated to work with VW2020 too?
  18. Hi, I'm trying to import a Sketchup model from SU 2020 into Vectorworks 2020. I'm getting an error message saying "File Cannot be Imported. File is either damaged or created by an unsupported Sketchup version". I've tried this with a few different files to ensure it wasn't corrupted. They all open fine in SU, but all have the same message in VW. Is this is a known issue with the two 2020 versions of each programme? Thanks. Additionally, on a related note, I tried to use the 3D warehouse for Vectorworks (https://www.vectorworks.net/community/partner-community/partner-products/product/3d-warehouse-for-vectorworks). This won't install for VW 2020 - is there a newer version being made at the moment to support 2020?
  19. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked that out and it does work, a couple more questions to follow on: Is there a way to import ALL plants into a working document so that I can quickly flick through to find something nice looking? Is there a way to set the side view as default in the viewer? otherwise I'm having to individually click the house symbol one at a time to change the view which is again rather tiresome.
  20. Thanks Jeremy, I did check these out, and they are great (so much better than the upright flat 2D ones), but with only 20 odd trees/plants in there it feels like a bit of a half-effort at best on VWs part to produce them. If there were more of these with commonly used plants in garden design it would be a superb addition to vectorworks overall offering. At the moment I find myself constantly frustrated with wanting to make good designs, having (relatively common) plants in mind and then them just not existing in VW. It then means I can't show anyone a 3D view of a design at all and have to rely on top plan only which is a real shame.
  21. Hi all, When placing plants, I'd like to be able to see a thumbnail of the 3D view of the plant, but it seems that it isn't available for some reason. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. If I select plant tool, then go to 'plant style' along the top bar to select a different plant, it opens something which looks a bit like the resource browser (but isn't, its the plant style library). I can see icons of various plants. If I click on one the enlarged 2D image appears in the top right thumbnail quick-viewer. There are greyed out options buttons for the other viewing options, but they can't be selected. Is this normal? It seems the only way to see the 3D image is to actually place the plant in the plan, or to separately go to resource browser and select a different view there (which is time consuming when you want to browse through plants to find something that looks a certain way) Screen shot below of what I see. These plants do definitely have a 3D texture, so I don't know why they can't be seen in the viewer.
  22. The plant graphics are generally fine from a front or side perspective, but can look poor quality when viewing from an isometric position. This includes things like items having a straight line base, which is then at a 45 degree angle on an isometric view making it look very unrealistic (see below screen shot and look at the base of the grass type plants). If plants could be set to a direction to face, and the 3D image locks to that, it might help. Or have genuine 3D models rather than 2D images like the current way, so that as you pan around them you actually see a different aspect of a plant rather than the same image just always facing you. As a side note, the shadow rendering on some of these items is also very poor; again see furthest left grass on this image, the shadow starts half way across the shape and is a straight line.
  23. Hi all, I'm looking for some additional plant resources for VW 2020 as the default library seems quite limited. Specifically I'm looking for some 3D renders of trees in standard form, such as standard olives (olea euruopa), oleander and red robin (Photinia × fraseri). Does anyone know a good place to find such things for free (or at least at a reasonable price)? Cheers!


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