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  1. This can be doe using viewports. Copy your VP turn all layer off but the Turf. Then Set to Open GL. Then Apply Image Affects and set a blur to the turf edge. In the other VP turn off the turf layer and align both. This is a really Wonderfull graphics trick. Have fun!!

  2. I believe that Data Tag will solve most of your questions. It is programable for single and or multiple specific data. You can control and set the graphics. And you can push data to a record format for worksheet data. As far as the sculpture question that is a bit more detailed and I will play with it to see if I can find a solution.


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  3. 1) what was the site model origin data?

    2) is there duplicate geometry?

    3) could you post the file or if that is not possible could you PM me the file?


    There could be a number of things that cause this, but without seeing the file and understanding how it was generated it is just a shot in the dark.


    As for the labels you can select the site model and use the second mode of the reshape tool to move, delete or add labels.

  4. Most content is for charge through other resources. But if you get imagery of said plants, knock out the background in photoshop, or find the image with no background online, you can make your own image props and place them in the 3D graphics of the plant. This process is fast and free.

  5. @Landartma almost! you do not need to set them in a template, primarily you want them in a favorites or a workgroup library. and yes once you attach data through the "get plant data" dialog it will enter all the info for you. You do however have to set the size and height but VW will give you the listed sizes per that plants info you connected to. One these are set you can save all of these and never have to go through that process again.

  6. Pull your tool set out of its docked position. At the bottom of that window you will seen arrow. select this and set "view tool sets as" then select "Icons". This should show all the tool sets.

  7. Sheet layers exist already you just need to create a new one. as for your info bar, I believe you are talking about the Title Block. There are a few in Vectorworks already. just go to Dims/Notes and select the Title block tool. here you can select a TB of your choice from the dropdown selector in the mode bar.

  8. First, use pads instead of contour lines and ensure they are closed.

    Second there is no need to model every contour elevation only major transitions in the model. So the .22M to .82 M could be eliminated. This will make for less calculating vertices speeding up the DTM recalculation time.

  9. @mike m oz is right if you are putting them in one file you should not have them in a template file. also do you know how to create new plant symbols? I have always found them to be exactly what I want with the info and 3D the way I prefer. Always an option. Also If there are plants you like you could start a favorites file or a workgroup library to contain them. this makes it drag and drop .

  10. First make sure your "Use Site Modifiers on" setting is set to the required layer (preferably to test set it to use "all layers". This is in the General tab in the site model dialog.

    Second try to update the site model by selecting it and pressing "update.


    If that does not work feel free to PM me the file and I can take a look.

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