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  1. Hi I am looking to show the benefit of solar shading for a small domestic project, by creating a solar animations of a clip cubed axo of the interior, with and without solar shades. However the resulting animation does not show the shading of the clipped elements, even though that is how it looks as the animation is built. I know that there is a toggle for this feature in the section view ports but cannot see where i would ensure this is on with a clip cube in a design layer. What trick am I missing here?
  2. Hi Had a good look, here and on line, for help on this but have not found a solution. I wanted to create a dimensioned iso projection of this shelf item, the dimensions do not display when I render in dashed hidden line...the view that properly explains the item. Am I missing something here, is it an ongoing story, or has this been solved in a more recent version of VW? Screen grabs of dashed hidden line, wireframe view and open gl views below. Thanks in Advance Bob VW2019 on Windows10 - i5 processor - 8g ram
  3. Hi Long time user of VW, and now working with Architect 2019 on a pc. My puzzle relates to errors I get printing OpenGL images of a clip cube axo to PDF. The PDF errors I am dealing with include;- elements that are not in range of the clip cube are shown 2d elements are not properly clipped by the cube 2d floor plan elements overlay and obscure the 3d objects I have tried both printing and exporting the sheet file. Is this an acrobat or VW issue? (FWIW I'm using Acrobat 8 ) Is the work around to avoid 2d elements with a model? (Some thing I'd want to avoid given the flexibility it offers) I'm aware of the transparency issues and wonder if there is a knowledge piece that covers the issues with VW and PDF. Thanks in advance Bob
  4. Or to clarify L1oyd's comment...the download is NOT what is says on the tin! any chance it can be corrected?
  5. Hi What do you have available if anything for PC with windows 10 thanks Bob
  6. Interersted in details on these licenses pls email Bob.Seddon@ardpm.co.uk


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