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  1. In this instance the fail was from a clip cube...elsewhere its been from the menu command ... I found another issue when I tried to amend the view from orthographic to perspective! Your last paragraph sums up our dependency on tech companies... whether its Nemetschek, Microsoft Adobe Apple or Google !!!
  2. @line-weight Checkout Sht-4 Clip cube section test ! Even thought I've used VW since the minicad days my work has meant its only now I've really dived into the 3d modelling, sheet views and wall styles etc Checking out the threads on this forum revealed have revealed to me how inconsistent and hard to fathom various elements of VW is! So while I have gotten HSVPs to work after a fashion, its understanding what to do when they don't and that it isn't just me!
  3. Thanks LW Just posted a bug report Its not just one file...but this is the test file one...with screen shots of issues. be3droom design 5 v6 .vwx HSVP issues .docx
  4. Well I learnt two things here...that sections from clip cubes can show the wall hatch/fills, and that section lines can be created on a non vertical plane! While neither of these two methods were in the HSVP's that failed, when I did use the clip-cube method, I experienced the same issue !!! Bug report to be filed!
  5. Newbie question.....what's the procedure here?
  6. @Matt Panzer Hi Matt I am using the "Create Horizontal Section" so I can see the wall style information....clip cube is working fine for me. I am also using the regular "Section viewports" and do mean "section line instances" ... hence the expectation that I can use the section marker to adjust the HSVP contents.
  7. Thanks Matt I hoped the screen dumps (SD) would be sufficient to show that the crop object is unable to view the relevant area. Also the issue can arise when the viewport is first made, the third viewport seems to have been constrained at a section line! In this case I was able to get another HSVP to work, and to crop it successfully. I am still puzzling how the "instance" option works (esp for HSVP)...
  8. Another file ...another inadequate HSVP !
  9. Hi I am having some challenges with these...on frequent occasions I have set one up and the viewport does not cover the full area of what I intended. To resolve the issue I would expect to find a horizontal section marker line that i could adjust to ensure the section covered is what I am looking, however it seems these are not visible unless they created in another viewport. Is this case? and if it is the case why doesn't the Viewport OIP allow you to manage instances of it, as it does standard Section VPs? Now I have a file in which the viewport "lost" the area of view after I moved its location on the sheet ( and this was the second attempt to create the viewport over the relevant area.... how could that just happen? Anyone point out what i am missing here? TIA viewport position on the sheet view port clip object....note area of view/interest not showing in spite of correct layer/class set ups. Thanks Bob S VW Architect 2019 on a Win10 pc
  10. @Matt Panzer @Tom W. Did you hear that noise Gents? It's the sound of a penny drop!
  11. Thanks @Matt Panzer Helpful What I am struggling with is the disconnect between display of wall styles in Top/plan view and section/3d views. Is it really the case that a wall style build up only shows on WF TOP/Plan view and does not show in section views or have I missed something? TIA
  12. @Matt Panzer Hi Matt Here you are I/ve worked on it some more as I investigate surface hatches and textures (the issue is still apparent on the four blocks that remain as the same wall style) ....while you are looking can you explain what settings gives rise to the pink fill for the conc. blockwork...it doesn't seem to come from the class settings. wall render test.vwx
  13. Hi This seems to be a glitch, has it been spotted ? is it just me? Should I take it personally?🤔 I am carrying out a test so I can be sure I understand how changes I make to a wall style will be represented in different views( top/plan, top, iso) and rendering modes (wireframe, hidden, hidden-dashed, open gl, opengl +hidden foreground). I created 8 sections of the same wall style on a design layer, then created 5 pairs of viewports within a sheet layer. The issue in drawings 7 is obvious but also shows in drawing 10 (OpenGL +hidden line FG)...two blocks are displaying differently from the rest of the set. To confirm all the wall segments are the same, and I have tried moving them about within the design layer...it is always these two positions that show the inconsistency, so it must be down to the HL rendering mode. Anyone know what's going on? While I am here can some one point me to resources/explanations how to (or why I cant) get the hatch information shown on the top/plan view of the walls to display with other rendering modes. Thanks Bob S I am using VW Architect 2019 on PC
  14. BobS_50

    Wall color

    Both helpful contributions to add to my learning curve....thank you. I can see these will be a good starting point and deffo helped with understanding the options. I'm sure there will be situations (eg staircases and landings ) where I'll have to make a model that has 3d polygons act as the "finish/texture" plane but at least I have a sense of the options.
  15. BobS_50

    Wall color

    @Tom W. Thanks Helpful information and a useful workflow. Your approach works well unless you want to range of different tones up the wall. I am used to using VW for building/architecture, whereas my latest work is veering to towards small scale interiors and bespoke carpentry...which present slightly different challenges, that I'm investigating how VW can be used to resolve them.
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