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  1. We have looked for a similar solution with no luck. With regard to site furniture, it would be great to have individual site furnishings distributed by symbols. Yes, we can select all and change info in the OIP, but if the info differs, it is shown as a blank field. I can reenter the part# again but some part numbers are complicated and it leaves room for error to overwrite. Not sure why attaching the record to an object within the symbol doesn't work but we haven't found a way.
  2. @mMurreyAs Andy mentioned, checking out the 2021 features myself.
  3. Any hope to get this re-uploaded. Other sources for VW ready hatches?
  4. Hopefully a simple batch collector can works its way into the list of commands.
  5. Not available in my VW. I submitted this question through Tech support and they did not know of a current utility to achieve this.
  6. When I worked in AutoCAD, we used etransmit as a tool to archive our projects at different deliverable dates (bid set, Issue for construction, etc.) . This collected the DWG, all the reference files, fonts, symbols, etc. and zipped them up in a package that one could reference as a complete point in time for that project. Is there an equivalent in VW?
  7. I am trying to create a detail marker that points to objects/lines/areas that have a corresponding LINKED detail. Take the net post example below. I'm looking to create the label that creates dynamic text from the linked viewport drawing label, sheet number, and detail number. That way as details are added, reshuffled, or renamed, all stays up to date.
  8. @Robert Anderson , I'm looking to do an office standard modification to the standard detail callout marker as shown in the attached image. How can I change the box to an arrow leader and add a linked drawing title? Possible? I've created a data tag but can't figure out how to make it dynamically linked to a viewport on another sheet or for the shoulder line to play along with the drawing title length.
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