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  1. Self Answer : All navigation info was compressed to left hand side of pane - a quirk. FIX 1. Move Cursor to top left hand side of navigation box ( grey bar) 2. It turns to double vertical lines 3. Pull out from corner the line exposing details of Classes , ( Layers and Sheets similarly) 4. Repeat and on other divisions in bar at top to stretch to right hand side and make visible the information. 5. Breathe gently!
  2. This happened this morning - the drawing I was working with yesterday doesn't show up in Navigation Palette ? It has affected all drawings . Does anyone know a fix for this to be able to use again? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, One strategy I have used succcessfully which was causing problems for online Statutory submissions with large image heavy files was as follows and may be helpful. The starting files size was 34MB - Finished File Size was 558 KB . I had tried compression both on Vectorworks Tools and Online Pdf Compression but they didn't really reduce file size by very much. STRATEGY 1. Screen grab the group of images from the Sheet Layer 2. Import into Paint ( or Apple equivalent) and crop only the image selection 3. Save to Project Folder 4. Import the saved image back into Vectorworks Sheet and print / export to pdf The resulting image quality was still very legible at A3 While this may not solve large file syndrome for larger files to be worked on by others or for printing ( Dropbox / We Transfer ) may be better . Hope this of some help as it was causing a real headache.
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