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  1. I know I can add edges by connecting them one at a time, is there a quick way to add an edge in subdivision mode that will wrap around the object rather then drawing all sides independently?  I feel like that used to be a tool used but it has been a little bit since I've needed the tool specifically so wanted to pick the brains of the hive mind.

  2. Hey Victoria,


    A couple thoughts I have on approaching this chair.  


    1 - Do you have the chair itself?  If so you can make very exact measurements which will help a lot, otherwise you will have to make some estimations and guesses based on the look and the dimensions that you do have. 


    2 - Do you need to do a construction drawing of it or just get the "look" if you know what I mean.  There are slightly different approaches that take different amounts of time.


    3 - I would break down the pieces based on symmetry first. For example 2 front legs are the same, and the 2 back legs are the same.  So you build each of those once and then place them and mirror them to the other side.  


    4 - Also you are looking at a symmetrical shape for the seat and the backing so I would immediately plan on cutting the chair in half and building half and mirror them.  The seat should be pretty simple construction.  Then you can create the more organic shaping using the subdivision tool.  I imagine you will be able to find some tutorials online but it is pretty useful and working with more organic shapes in general.


    5 - Then you will want to make sure the parts are separate so you can apply different textures to the cushion vs the back and the legs.

  3. Yep, that was all that had to happen.  When I read the node descriptions it didn't connect in my head.  For some reason I thought the hTool meant you told the node which tool to use or modified which one was used.  Anyway thank you.

  4. I am trying to figure out why I cannot find the import sketchup command.  Working in vwx 2022 and have not had this issue in the past but suddenly it is missing.  


    I look at file/import/        however the option is not present.  I have tried a restart and looked at 3 different files.  Can anyone advise as to why that is missing?

    Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 10.24.27 AM.png

  5. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    after a reboot it has not been occuring.  If it happens again I will send over the file.  It may have been a hardware situation rather than a software situation.  I was curious if other have had that happen though.


    @Ross McLee

    I did try doing a zoom but it did not fix it at the time I will have to try the double click with pan (will try that next time). The computer I have does have decent specs but wouldn't put it past the graphics card tanking on me. 



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  6. Anyone know why ConnectCad devices would be showing like this?  suddenly shifted midway through working on a file and I can't quite figure out why but the text of the device is cut in half, shows correctly when it prints and when I click into the device itself but outside of the device it returns to half life.

    Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 3.30.41 PM.png

  7. Yes I am.  I have been working in 2021 without issue for a while now.  Only since the changeover to 2022 have I started having the first issue.


    I've always had random crashes from moving nodes to new locations, even on small files which was why I figured I'd ask if there are things people know about that I may be inadvertently doing.

  8. slightly more context.  This is what I'm trying, but I'm simply left with 2 rectangles when I set planar boolean to subtract, which with solid boolean this ... well subtracts and deletes the subtracting solid.  

    Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 9.14.40 AM.png

  9. I've had a sudden moment in 2022 where nodes will simply stop connecting.  I cannot make the wire connection pull from the circles.  If I click a node it just moves the x, y coordinates instead. When this happens I can copy and paste into a new file and they work again, I can close a wrapper and reopen it and they start working again.  But I have to do something to reset the nodes or else they stop working.  I have had it happen in 3 files and cannot see any correlation to the tools I'm using, layer or class based causes.  Trying to figure out if there is something I'm doing to cause this. 


    Second, roughly once a day I have a moment where trying to move a connection from between 2 nodes will cause the spinning pinwheel of doom to go off for longer than I'm willing to wait, usually 5+ minutes before I give up, close and pull an autosave up to restore most of my work but I have to redo a little bit each time and I find that quite frustrating.  Are there methods of stopping the pinwheel of doom or workflows that stop this from happening? 


    Thanks for any and all thoughts.

  10. I know the Solid Boolean is for 3d subtraction, but I can't seem to figure out how to clip 2d geometry, I thought it was the planar boolean tool but I can't seem to get it to work, is there a different tool that does that?  any tips?

  11. @Dave Donley Renderworks also went black.  because of the issues with new files I did a full dump and reloaded the software.  Currently has stopped.  so far have not been able to replicate it going black but will reply if it happens again.  Previously I had manually constructed some architecture and then when I imported a dwg everything went black.  the weirdest part was other files also going black and the restart not working but if I copied all, deleted it, and then pasted in place it went back to normal.  

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  12. Hello,


    I am not sure what's going on.  In 2022 all vectorworks 3d geometry has turned black.  I have tested multiple files and everything is black and stays black.  I was working all morning on a file, went to lunch and came back.  After inserting a dwg into one file everything is just black.  opened different files and the same thing happened to them so I am suspicious that some setting get adjusted but really don't know how.  I have tried restarting but no luck. any help?

    Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 2.35.37 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 2.35.52 PM.png

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