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  1. How do I turn off the visibility of the joint origin marker for hardscapes? Contrary to what other people have said, the red X does show up on pdf and printed files. I can't see anything in print settings for Vectorworks, and there is no class assignment to the locus. i have to go around and coordinate all the X marks to be out of the way as they actually print up quite visibly. This has also been a problem in 3D -- a big red x in the middle of the hardscape. What to do?
  2. My snapping palette has been turned off somehow and i cannot figure out how to enable snapping. i know it's something simple because this happened before, but i just stumbled on the solution last time, and cannot remember what it was. Yes, Class and Layer View options are set to snap. It's the palette itself which is inactive (all buttons are greyed) Help!
  3. Anyone had issues with text becoming invisible on the screen? If i print, it's there, but i can't see it on my screen. I have a weird felling it has to do with Viewports, which i don't use nor have in this particular file, but the base info i pasted in came from a Viewports file. If i zoom out really far i can see there are text blocks, but as soon as i zoom in the text blocks and even text in dimension strings becomes invisible. if i close down vectorworks and start up again, things will be ok....for awhile. Is there any setting i need to change? i'm not yet familiar with Viewports, planes, 3D etc. (no time!)
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