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  1. 18 minutes ago, FBernardo said:

    Hi Jim Wilson,


    I would like to enquire if there is an OFFLINE file link to use with the updater, as my office internet connection is not really good and updating 4 machines can be quite a heavy duty.


    9 minutes ago, Gaspar Potocnik said:




    There is, I believe that tech@vectorworks.net is the best contact to get yours. They customize them based on what modules/products you use.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Dubman said:

    Just installed SP-3 and when zooming more ghost images are appearing that are not there & objects already drawn disappearing, but everything comes back after zooming. I have the Good Performance & Compatibility setting under Display.

    Any settings suggestions to minimize this ? 

    What happens in the other two Display modes after a restart of Vectorworks? Does it behave the same?

  3. Just now, Kevin McAllister said:

    I'm super excited this longstanding bug seems to be solved. So far in testing NURBS surfaces scale and render correctly.


    Like 6 things you and I have discussed repeatedly about geometry scaling within containers should now work as we expect. If you find any new hangups, we can start new threads on them to keep things clean and focused.

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  4. Different plugins are installed in different ways depending on the developer, but in general if you don't see a "Plug-ins" folder, you can create one and it will work just fine. You should completely close Vectorworks before doing a plugin installation however and relaunch it after you finish copying the files.

  5. On 3/18/2019 at 8:23 AM, Art V said:

    @Jim Wilson is there an upper limit in VW for the number of vertices when exporting to DXF R12 or any DXF/DWG version? (Or importing for that matter as that is more common for me to run into but I don't recall objects imported in the past that hat 4500+ vertices in a single polyline).


    @Nina Ivanova do you happen to know the answer to this?

  6. VGS is the tech that will let us send anything the drawing area (so, anything the VGM is doing) to other applications, engines and services in an intelligent manner, as opposed to previous "dumb" single shot formats like File > Export and Send to Cinema4D etc. It's a huge part of why we've been spending so much time upgrading and moving elements to the VGM.

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  7. Below is a summary of issues corrected and changes made between Vectorworks 2019 SP2 and Vectorworks 2019 SP3. A full list of all fixed issues listed with their bug IDs can be found HERE.



    Scaling of Symbols including multiple types of geometry should now work as expected. This was not a single bug but a number of related issues and requests

    Dragging a number of resources from one location in the Resource Manager to another should now affect all selected resources as expected



    Corrected an issue that would cause Grouped objects to Render tab to become locked

    Fixed a number of problems related to the display of Roof Face textures

    OpenGL scaling of Wall textures should now match the expected appearance as Renderworks does

    A large number of causes for black viewports and missing geometry have been removed or corrected

    Publish should now update rendered viewports on command

    Corrected a number of issues that would prevent animation transitions between saved views from playing properly


    Project Sharing:

    Corrected a number of issues that would cause a Project Sharing to commit to taking longer than it should

    Corrected an instability related to text style conflicts

    Speed improvements in certain slower use cases

    Corrected a problem that would prevent the placing of certain object types in Offline files

    Fixed an issue related to symbol replacement in VWP files


    Spotlight and Vision:

    Fixed an issue where the Instrument Summary could become inconsistent

    Flipped Symbol Edit Mode should now display instruments properly

    Corrected a number of instabilities related to Hanging Positions

    Load objects can now be attached as expected in 3D views

    Auto numbering should now increment as expected



    Improved the responsiveness of Site Model Sculpting highlighting

    Replacing a Hardscape should now offer the default Hardscape Content as well as content from within that file



    Stairs should no longer position loci erroneously

    Some stair dialogs will now show an indicator for values that can not be calculated

    Walls that did not convert properly from 2018 and prior versions into 2019 should now do so

    Data Tags should no longer rotate along with the rotated plan

    Corrected a number of issues related to custom IFC presets

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  8. Vectorworks, Inc. has released its second Service Pack (SP3) for the Vectorworks® 2019 product line. This Service Pack includes multiple fixes and improvements in the following areas: 


    This service pack includes a larger than a normal number of fixes, with many of them focused on the following areas: Section Viewports, Mojave, Spaces and the Scaling of Symbols:


    Section Viewport-specific:

    • A significant increase in speed switching between sheet layers that contain Section Viewports
    • Corrected a large number of redraw problems related to Section and edit views
    • Section Lines, Elevation Benchmarks and other associated geometry should now appear as expected
    • Improved the effectiveness of Merge Cross Sections
    • Reduced the unusually high number of checkouts needed when using Data Tags in conjunction with Project Sharing and Section Viewports
    • Significantly increased the reliability of Section edit and update functions



    • Users should no longer encounter freezes when selecting Extrude Along Path and other geometry types
    • Quality of Pattern export to PDF improved on macOS 10.14
    • Corrected a number of dialog box and other UI graphical issues
    • Increased response speed of keyboard arrow navigation in text fields
    • Fonts for Wall Data Tags can now be controlled as expected



    • Direct control over space and label component visibility has been restored
    • Creating Space objects should now occur as fast or faster than in prior versions
    • Volume calculations corrected
    • Corrected a large number of stability issues related to Space objects
    • Increased the speed of many operations related to spaces

    A number of completely new features have been made available to users with 2019 SP3, details on these features can be found HERE.

    This Service Pack is available for all licenses as a downloadable updater. To install the Service Pack, please select "Check for Updates" from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows). For a full list of fixes and improvements in the 2019 SP3 updater, please visit THIS PAGE.


    Contact us at tech@vectorworks.net if you have any technical questions or problems during this process.


    Please note this Service Pack is currently available for all non-localized English versions.

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  9. Note how his reflections are set to 6, this is WAY higher than I have recommended in the past since it doesnt affect the reflectivity appearance all that much beyond 3. Its looking more and more that this option is also controlling how many times light is allowed to reflect, which is supposed to be also controlled by indirect bounces, or at least thats what I had thought. I'm going to be confirming and filing for separate control of this for more efficient renderings.

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  10. With one of those walls selected, in the Render tab of the Object Info palette, under the "Part" dropdown there should be caps listed there, and you can then select them and revert them to use the wall overall texture. If you don't see that let me know.

  11. 3 hours ago, Ugniblnac said:



    could you approve my student license aswell as I am waiting fro renewal way too long. Thanks

    It looks like this was already approved, is it still not working for you now? It looks like it was approved within 20 minutes of being requested.

  12. I THINK I cover very close to that in this video:


    You would use Backlit for the transparency I think and then using the corrugated plastic texture for the image shader would get that patterned translucent effect.

    EDIT: I think Stephan Mönninghoff explains controlling it further in the second half of this video:


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  13. 15 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:

    It sounds like it will only be truly relevant when VW switches to the R20 Cinerender engine.


    True. It'll be more accurate than R15, since Vectorworks 2019 uses R18. BUT: I can already confirm that Vectorworks 2020 will indeed use the R20 engine. 

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  14. Cinebench 15 has now been updated to Cinebench 20. I'll be rebenching any of the hardware I still have access to. However, they elected to remove the GPU testing portion, so it is now only useful as a Renderworks benchmark so I may change how this all is set up entirely 😞

    Notes on the differences directly from Maxon:



    Cinebench R20 uses a much larger and more complex test scene than R15, requiring about 8x the computational power needed to render it. The test also requires about 4x the memory. Therefore, R15 and R20 results cannot be compared.

    Cinebench R20 and Cinema 4D R20 incorporate the latest rendering architectures, including integration of Intel’s Embree raytracing technology and advanced features on modern CPUs from AMD and Intel that allow users to render the same scene on the same hardware twice as fast as previously.

    Cinebench R20 provides improved benchmark accuracy for current and next-generation CPUs to test if a machine runs stable on a high-CPU load, if the cooling solution of a desktop or notebook is sufficient for longer-running tasks to deliver the full potential of the CPU, and if a machine is able to handle demanding real-life 3D tasks.

    Cinebench R20 does not test GPU performance.

    Cinebench R20 will not launch on unsupported processors. On systems lacking sufficient RAM to load the test scene, a warning will be displayed and the CPU benchmark will not be executed.

    Background tasks can significantly influence measurement and create diverse results. It's always a good idea to shut down all running programs and disable any virus checking or disk indexing but it's impossible to eliminate all background processes. Modern operating systems perform various background tasks that cannot or should not be disabled, even though they could have a minor influence on the results.

    Test results can vary slightly because it's impossible to disable every background task of the operating system. These tasks are one factor that may have a slight influence on measurements. Also, modern computers and graphics cards dynamically adjust clock speeds based on environmental conditions like power and temperature. For instance, processors will reduce clock speed when running too hot to allow for cooling and prevent damage. With many modern processors, the reverse is also true. They are able to overclock themselves when the temperature is low enough. Therefore, a system freshly started in a relatively cool environment will typically run faster than the same system that has been performing benchmarks for several hours in a heated office.

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  15. Print to PDF is OS controlled, not one of ours. But if you use File > Export > Export PDf (as long as it isnt just Fundamentals which couldnt export PDFs back then) you can choose to export the entire printable area as one single page.

  16. Should be File > Page Setup, then check Choose size unavailable in printer setup and from the dropdown menu just below that, click Other. You should then be able to configure any custom page size you want. If youre on a Mac you can set this to One Printer Page and instead use Printer Setup to manage the custom sizes of your pages. I believe the steps are here too:


  17. If it is isolated to one machine, (barring any other applications that deal with screen UI that might interfere, but i would expect that to then cause the problem on all files on that machine)  then this is the more invasive procedure that may help, follow the instructions included to back things up first, but dont restore the backups until youve tested to see if the issue still occurs:


  18. 6 minutes ago, rexwexford said:

    Not a file I can share unfortunately. If the issue persists, I may have a go tonight at stripping any private data from it and then sharing 

    That is very strange, if you can, send the stripped file to tech@vectorworks.net and they can take a closer look. Files are kept confidential however through tech support, and they will destroy their copy right away after troubleshooting if needed.

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