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    "Convert to Object Node" Gives empty Marionette Object

    Hi Marissa, This seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you!
  2. Hi, So, I've been attempting to create a Marionette object that can take a text string and extrude it to create 3D text. I've got the script up and running and when I choose to run the script, my 3D text is generated as expected. I can also wrap my network and run the script and everything works fine. Where I face problems is when I want to convert the wrapped network to an Object Node. Vectorworks executes the command but all I get is an empty Marionette Object selected in the OIP, but I can't see anything in my view - no 3D text. I've attached the file with the networked wrapped. Appreciate all the help I can get! 3D Text.vwx


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