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  1. Hi, I would like to buy a license for Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019. If you have one to sell please contact me here or by private message. Have a nice day, Francesco
  2. Hi, I want to buy Vectorworks fundamentals 2018 or later. I live in Switzerland. Have a nice day, Francesco
  3. Hi I'm interested, can you tell me precisely how much is the cost for the 2020 license? Have a nice day, Francesco
  4. FrancescoTadini

    FOR SALE - Vectorworks 2015 Architect

    @Holland Harvey Architects Hi, is it updatable to 2019? If so I'll buy one!
  5. Hi, how much is the license?
  6. Hi everyone, i'm looking for Vectorworks Fundamentals 2018/19. I live in Switzerland. Anyone with a spare license to sell? Regards, Francesco
  7. @MatthewA Hi, is the license still available?
  8. FrancescoTadini

    Looking for VW Fundamentals 2017 or later

    @Sue CW Thanks for the answer? How much will you ask for it? You can write me in private message! Regards, Francesco
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a license for VW Fundamentals 2017 or newer (I live in Switzerland). Anyone with a spare license? Regards Francesco
  10. FrancescoTadini

    Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019 for sale, $1000 US

    Hi, i'm interested, is it still on?
  11. @Kenroll hi, is it still available?
  12. @Kenroll i'm also interested, how much is it? Regards, Francesco
  13. FrancescoTadini

    Fundamentals 2018 onwards

    @bbuxton i'm also interested, how much is it? Francesco
  14. @Ellie H Hi Ellie, thanks, how much is it?
  15. FrancescoTadini

    VW 2017 Licences for Sale

    @jedgard Thanks for your answer. Is it Vectorworks Fundamentals? Is it a Mac or Windows version? I live in Switzerland, do you think will it be a problem to transfer the license? Thanks for your help, Francesco


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