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  1. @Andy Broomell Thanks for the reply. I don't want to export a render with layer. My goal is, for example, to export a facade or a plan with the layer structure to open it in Photoshop or Procreate. For example as the attached image, where every rectangle is on a separate layer. As you can see the export from Vectorworks can generate a PDF with layers. My question is to do the same exporting as PSD or a file type that can be opened by Photoshop or Procreate. Thanks Francesco
  2. @polylignum thanks for your answer! If I export as PSD file the layers are not imported in PS. The imported image is just flat. Is there a file type or system to export also the layers? Thanks Francesco
  3. Hi everybody I would like to export images (PSD, TIFF) with layers from Vectorworks to import it in Photoshop / Procreate. Is there a way to do that? Thanks Francesco
  4. Hi all! If I create a group in VW, the group will be assign to the active class. Is there a way to have a class that is automatically used for new groups? Like with walls, even if I am in another class, the walls are always assign to the class "walls". Thanks! Francesco
  5. Thanks everyone for the reply. it's a shame that VW can not do a good job managing colors... It would be the perfect software... regards Francesco
  6. Hi! Can someone explain me why exportin a drawing as JPG is changing the colors so much? I'm exporting from the design layer, and not from the layout sheet. Attached you can find a screenshot with the VW project and the JPG open side by side Attached you also find a screenshot with the Export Image file dialog box. Thanks! Francesco
  7. Hi! Here is a short video of a problem that I have. Why are the two circles not the same colors? Thanks Francesco Registrazione schermo 2020-04-03 alle 22.33.21.mov
  8. I have the same problem. Can I ask you what are the rendering settings did you use? I like the simple but shaded colors. Similar to SketchUp! Thanks Francesco
  9. @JuanP Thanks Juan. The navigation palette is something that should be part of Fundamentals considering the high price tag of the product. We can find a similar navigation palette in much cheaper products like MacDraft / TurboCad / Sketchup / High Design. Thanks anyway for your answer, regards Francesco
  10. @rDesign Thanks a lot for your help. Does it mean that I have to enter a RGB value for a more accurate color match? Can it help?
  11. @ThreeDot Yeah.. maybe they will add a competent module in the next release... Thanks for your answer!
  12. @ThreeDot Thanks for your answer! It's a real pity.
  13. Hi I just bought a License for VW Fundamentals. Does anyone know how can I use the navigation window? It's a basic feature and it's shameful that is missing in the Fundamentals version. The "select similar" tool is also missing. Any idea on how to activate it? Thanks Francesco
  14. Hi i'm having some trouble matching colors in Vectorworks. Attached you can find an image that explains my problem. I imported a reference image made on https://colourco.de/ and imported the JPG image in VW. Than I gave at each circle the right color code reported on the reference. Despite the matching code, the color don't match. If I do the same thing in a software like Affinity Designer it works perfectly. Do anyone knows why? Thanks Francesco
  15. Hi all, i'm searching a license for Vectorworks fundamentals 2020. Contact me if you have one available! Regards Francesco
  16. Hi, I would like to buy a license for Vectorworks Fundamentals 2019. If you have one to sell please contact me here or by private message. Have a nice day, Francesco
  17. Hi, I want to buy Vectorworks fundamentals 2018 or later. I live in Switzerland. Have a nice day, Francesco
  18. Hi I'm interested, can you tell me precisely how much is the cost for the 2020 license? Have a nice day, Francesco
  19. @Holland Harvey Architects Hi, is it updatable to 2019? If so I'll buy one!
  20. Hi everyone, i'm looking for Vectorworks Fundamentals 2018/19. I live in Switzerland. Anyone with a spare license to sell? Regards, Francesco
  21. @Sue CW Thanks for the answer? How much will you ask for it? You can write me in private message! Regards, Francesco
  22. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a license for VW Fundamentals 2017 or newer (I live in Switzerland). Anyone with a spare license? Regards Francesco
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