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  1. Bruce, In VW11.0 since the Callout tool doesn't do simple curves, I use arcs for note leaders. The arrowheads on the arcs often disappear and reappear later. Some of them never come back though. The arrows usually show up in prints, even though they are invisible on the screen. I'm hoping this will be fixed in the next update. It would be better for me to add an arc option to the Callout tool. JE
  2. jnr, I have organized my most commonly used resource sections by adding symbols to the filename. In the Resources folder I make a copy of each resource and rename it with !,#,$,%,& etcetera as the first "letter" of the filename. The OS will then place those files at the top of the resource list where you can quickly find them. The symbols will also be arranged in a specific order similar to the list above (in Windows. The OS will usually place symbols first, then numbers, then letters. You can group similar sections by using the same symbol in the filename. Maybe that will help until NNA makes other arrangements. JE
  3. Bruce, In VW11 you can use the "Connect/Combine" tool to extend multiple lines to a boundary line. With "Single Object Connect" function, select the lines to be extended and hold down the ALT/Option key as you click on the boundary line. Refer to page 12-9 in the VW User's Guide for more info. This is a useful feature that I have wished for many times. JE
  4. This is not really a plea for help. It's more of a cry for sympathy. In VWA 11.0 on Windows XP, I had created a Viewport Sheet from three separate layers: Schedules 3/32", Elevations 1/4", Border 1:1. The Design layer contained three seperate columns of Schedules (text boxes with tabs). As I was editing one of the schedules #3, an AutoSave occurred and caused the text box to collapse from "edit" to "selected". A few moments later I discovered that Schedule #1 (several grouped text boxes) had disappeared.... Permanently. The AutoSave had saved the blank space. Thus, about two hours work was lost. I had made a backup on CD before starting, so there's no record of my weekend labor. To add insult to injury, I went back to the Viewport sheet and discovered that the port for the schedules had also disappeared. I had previously lost half of Schedule #1 when an AutoSave interrupted the text edit. This is my first experience with ViewPorts. And it hasn't been smooth sailing. From time to time chunks of text disappear, and arrowheads on arc leaders disappear, and later reappear. From time to time one of the three design layers in a viewport disappears. At first I thought it was just my clumsiness and forgetfulness. But now I think something fishy is going on in the VW11. Am I the only one to suspect a conspiracy? There, I feel better now. Maybe someday I'll find all of those missing layers and ports, along with some of my missing mateless socks. Now I can go back and re-create that schedule,and that viewport . . .Again. Thanks for listening. JE
  5. I came back to the Sheet layer, after working on other layers, and the missing text had miraculously reappeared. This glitch may be related to the problem with arrowheads on arcs. Some, but not all of them disappear, and when I open the layer again later, there they are. JE
  6. In VWA 11 on Windows XP, I added text (NONE class)to a viewport "annotation". When I close the Edit Viewport, the text disappears. the NONE class is turned on for the layer and the VP. Changing to a different class doesn't help. Help! Thanks, JE PS--Text added to other ViewPorts on the same Sheet layer are OK.
  7. In VW Architect on Windows XP, I tried to assign room numbers with the Number Stamp tool. The room numbers are three digits, but the stamp is only 2 digits wide. So the third digit goes on a second line. I can resize the text box, but that will take four times as long. Is there some way I can preset the text box to accept three digits?
  8. Nevermind! I was missing something. The "All Objects" item is at the very bottom of the Custom Visibility list. I had never scrolled down that far. You lives and you learns, y'know.
  9. In VW11.0 on Windows XP, I exported to DWG from Viewports for the first time. Several problems were immediately apparent. Line weights from 1mm to 40mm all export as 1mm. Hatches were too small and looked black. Patterns look black. Dimensions with white background show as black boxes. And most important to the engineers: the ViewPort doesn't export Classes as ACAD Layers. Non-Sheet-Layer Views do export Classes, but all other problems are the same. I have always had some minor problems with DWG exports, but VW11 is the worst so far. Is this a known glitch, or is it just me? Any suggestions?
  10. I have often wished I could temporarily turn on all objects. In Custom Visibility I don't see anyway to show "all objects" in one click. Am I missing something? JE
  11. In VW Architect on Windows XP, I tried to use the Door Schedule tool for the first time. I didn't get far because the ID symbol is too large for my 3/32" Floor Plan. I couldn't find any way to edit the size of the circle or the text. Since I can't use the ID symbol, I also can't edit the Door Schedule worksheet directly. So I'm stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks, JE
  12. In a related matter, I tried the Layer Color option in Doc Prefs as a ceiling background. All linework turned gray as selected, but lineweights also defaulted to 1mm. This makes all gray lines difficult to see when printed.
  13. In VW11.0 on Windows XP, I exported from ViewPorts to DWG for the first time. With several VP on same layer, some VP were in the wrong location. Gray ceiling plan background was black. Line weights didn't export(map line weights to colors, not checked). Hatch lines were too close and appeared black. Did I do something wrong, or does the DWG export engine in VW11 have a problem working with ViewPorts?
  14. Never mind. Now I see that each layer must be ported seperately. Wouldn't it be more intuitive to port all visible layers? Thanks, JE
  15. VW 11.0 on Windows XP, 512 MB memory I am doing my first project with Viewports. I created a Sheet layer of a Floor Plan with Border Design layer. On the Sheet layer, though, the border does not show on screen. In the OI palette both the Plan and Border layers are turned on. Can anyone suggest what I've done wrong? Thanks, JE
  16. I created a blank document and drew arcs and lines with black arrowheads. So it seems that the problem is limited to the current file that was imported from VW 9.5 into VW 11.0. Only the default black arrowheads are affected. Any ideas what could cause this? Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks, JE
  17. VW 11 on Windows XP 512 MB memory The disappearing arrowhead problem occurs randomly with new and old leader lines and arcs. It seems that only the default black arrowhead disappears. Sometimes they don't appear when first drawn. Other times they later disappear on some but not all leaders. Usually they reappear when I close and reopen the file, but not always. I haven't printed yet, but this glitch is making me nervous with dealine time looming ahead. I have trashed my prefs. Hardware acceleration is OFF. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, JE
  18. Katie, Thanks for the suggestion, but I had already tried that an found the curved leader is an ogee curve instead of a simple arc. I then imported the Text Note (curved) tool from VW10. But that tool doesn't work in VW11. That's why I settled on the Arc tool to draw leaders. It works fine except that I have to guess where to place the origin in order to hit the note and the object. I have also had a problem customizing the two-line arrowhead. It changes to a 45d angle in the dialogue, but when I exit, the attribute box reverts back to the default. I eventually got it to stick, but I don't know how long it will stay. Anyway, I'm getting by for now. I hope an Arc option will soon be added to the Callout tool. Thanks, JE
  19. VectorWorks 11.0, Windows XP I'm working on a drawing that was started in VW9.5.1 and later imported into VW11. No problem until now. I use arcs for note leaders and add arrowhead attributes. I save frequently, so the attributes should be remembered. When I go to another layer and then return the arrowheads have disappeared. so I have to go thru the whole sheet and click on every arc to add another arrowhead. Is this a known glitch in VW11, or am I doing something wrong? PS-- Since VW11 doesn't have the TEXT NOTE (CURVED) tool, which I have used for several years, I am forced to use the ARC tool as a leader, so it's possible the arrowhead problem has been related to arcs all along. Thanks for any insight. JE
  20. Archpark, Any problem with Unicode fonts would be in the operating system and not in Vectorworks. You might try the procedure in my 7/5/04 post to see if Large Fonts will help. My problem is that VW displays Large Fonts in some dialogs and not in others. Good luck, JE
  21. archpark, In my case, the tiny text seems to be the default text size for my LCD monitor at its default resolution of 1280 x 1024. Since the text is hard to read, I have set Display Properties/ Appearance/ font size/ to LARGE FONTS. In VW most of the dialogs and toolbars display the larger fonts. But some of the dialogs have large Header text and tiny body text. I think this could be fixed in future updates, if the engineers are made aware of the problem. I'll do a Bug-submit ASAP. JE
  22. Katie, You might want to suggest to the VW engineers that they add a new option to the "Reset VW Preferences" button. It would help the corrupted preferences discussed in this thread to have a button to "Go Back to Previous (known good) Preferences Setings". This won't stop the corruptions, but it will allow us to quickly get back on track. JE
  23. L+K I forgot to mention another important change to adapt Acrobat to large format. In the PDF dialog, go to Paper/Quality; Advanced; Edit Custom Page size; select PostScript Custom; edit to set 24 x 36. This page size will then be the default size for the PS Custom Page. JE
  24. L+K Acrobat 6.0 is not setup to handle large sheets. They expect you to buy the Pro version for that. However, I have learned a few tips to make a 24 x 36 PDF. First, check the Acrobat settings in the Operating System printer setup, under "Advanced" or "Device Settings". Sometimes the Acrobat settings in VW printer dialog don't actually change the default OS settings. Second, use a resolution of 600dpi or less. Third, set the Available Postscript Memory to something like 32,000 KB. This will allow more printer memory for a large sheet. Click on the default settings to get a box to reset. Good luck, JE
  25. <> Bummer! I use PDF specifically so the recipient of my drawings will see it exactly as I drew it, fonts and all. I don't have much use for a PDF without embedded fonts. What does PostScript have to do with embedding? Sorry, I'll ask Adobe. Thanks for the response. JE
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