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  1. A college inspired me to look again at the object variables - With TVariableBlock textPosInside = (Boolean)false; gSDK->SetObjectVariable(dim, ovDimTextPosInside, textPosInside); TVariableBlock textRotation = (short)EDimTextRotateType::kHorVert; gSDK->SetObjectVariable(dim, ovDimTextRotation, textRotation); CircularDimensions are created external 🙂
  2. The VectorScript version CircularDim seems more usable: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:CircularDim show some extra parameters vs gSDK->CreateCircularDimension(), especially "shoulder". Exporting a Script from some example (external) circular dimension is easy possible, but the parameters are not clear how to create a external dimensions ...
  3. Hi all, we progress in our part layout and want to create some external diametrical dimension. But until now I was only able to create internal diametrical dimensions with gSDK->CreateCircularDimension() I tried a lot with the center, end, box parameters and ovDim... object variables but was not able to create a external diametrical dimension with the SDK (only by using tool and menu bar). Any hint will be appreciated Regards, Matthias
  4. Thanks for your reply JBenghiat, I have been on vacation so i did not see. we decided to actually create temporary dimension objects and get their bounds while calculating the layout of the dimensions. regards Matthias
  5. Dimension Objects contain (multiple) VWTextBlockObj modifying the dimension. VWTextBlockObj size varies by font, style and size. Even this size calculation is probably very expensive to impossible. 🙄
  6. Hi all, We want to significantly improve our part layout feature and determine the size of (mostly) linear dimension objects to create a clean, non-intersecting layout. Is it anyhow possible to calculate length and width of dimension objects testable - without using GetObjectBounds (), etc.? Best Regards Matthias
  7. OK, i found the problem/solution: gSDK->SetObjectVariable(fhObject, ovDimTextPosInside, true); does not work, it has to be gSDK->SetObjectVariable(fhObject, ovDimTextPosInside, (Boolean)true);
  8. Hi all, for dimensioning of polygonal parts we want to display the inner angle of the corners. On concave corners ( > 180°) the angular dimensions appears on the outside of the polygon with an value of < 180°. In the dimension info palette I can use "Interior Arc" to switch the arc to the other side. The only (boolean) dimension object variable that seems to differ is ovDimTextPosInside, but setting this to true or false does not change anything. So how can I switch an angular dimension to the >180° side in code? Any suggestions? Thanks and regards Matthias
  9. Hi Cmb, this looks like the way to go, we actually work already with the VWTextBlockObj inside of dimension objects. Thank you 🙂 BR Matthais
  10. Hi all, I like to modify the text size (e.g. enlarge 10x) of a dimension object in a PIO. I tired both ovDimTextSizeInPoints and ovDimFontSize. I can read these variables, but when I set them no effect? At least GetObjectBounds() never gives a changed value, even after ResetObject(). Are these values ReadOnly or i missed something here. TY + BR Matthias


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