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  1. We've got same problems .. VW2019 SP1 is really really slooow and need more power and memory from computer .. Also, PDF exported are very large, which make more difficult for sharing file on a project. We definetely prefer VW2018. We hope that a good SP2 for VW2019 will be released.
  2. Same problems ... It's really sloooooow ... and there are many erratic problem on viewport (layers visibilities, imported PDF, ...). Perhaps we should go back to VW 2018 .... Please, do something to fix all these issues.
  3. Hello, We got a very big problem in the new VW 2019 ... Before, with VW 2018, we often import PDF file with lots of caracters (numbers, letters, ...), and now, VW2019 does not consider these caracters as "proper" caracter, but as images ... which is a very big difference ... You can see on attached PDF all consequences ... We do not see any option in Vectorworks preferences to change something of how are imported PDF file. If someone could help us ... Many thanks, Jean Baptiste Demolder probleme PDF vector2019.pdf
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