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  1. hi andy , appreciate for the reply. im not quite sure that answers it though. If I apply the filter in the dropdown layers menu at the top, i can scroll through the layers by pressing up and down, but it doesnt change whats on the screen, like I can by pressing command+dwn arrow. does this make sense? i like the command+arrow specifically because the you can instantly see the changes on each layer regards
  2. hello , me again - feel like i have a question every week at the moment. I have a question regarding layer filters. I am just getting into them, and quite honestly they seem awesome. My one gripe is that i like to often set my layers visability to 'active only' and then scroll down through the layers to see each layer at a time. I scroll using command+dwn arrow. (not sure of the command on windows) When i scroll down like this without a filter, it goes down onto the next layer. I assumed the same would happen when a filter is applied however it selects the layers which have been filtered out still. Is there anyway to turn off this so command+dwn arrow only scrolls through visible layers? thanks
  3. three years of using it and just stumbled across this
  4. worked great! thanks so much, really helpful !
  5. ok great thanks, looks like what i need will have a go and report back cheers
  6. ah ive realised my query is a little different. I want to convert several symbols contained within a group into basic objects. Because the symbols are in a group (not a larger symbol) it is quite time consuming to select them all individually converty them one by one, so i wanted something that would do all symbols in a file into basic elements. perhaps the best work around is to turn my all encompassing group into a symbol momentarily, and then use the command you refered to above. That wouldnt be too time consuming
  7. hey raymond thanks for the long detailed reply very helpul. One of the reasons i was looking at that script was that on some symbols, when i use the convert-convert to group command, it wasnt giving the dialogue box with the convert all sub-objects. Im not too sure why that is happening only for some symbols. any clues?
  8. hello, this is an old topic but its exactly what i need. I cant seem to get it to work though. Any reason why it wouldnt work on vectorworks 2020? (probably several reasons..) i used to use scripts in autocad but never tried them in vectorworks. it could well be user error. I click run and nothing seems to happen though . any thoughts? ta
  9. Thanks yes very helpful. Yours workflow sounds similar to ours. We typically continuously improve our 'standard' typology. Therefore if we have a project still on site, and one on the drawing board, it is import to us that although we revise the details on the drawing board (learning from job on site) we do not over ride the symbols project that is being built. Although these are technically a superseded in the grand scheme of things, they are still relevant to that particular job, if that makes sense. I think the ambiguity may have arisen from my terminology. When i said 'reference' a symbol, a meant as a file reference to the symbol library file. Perhaps there is a different way of referencing or importing a symbol through the resource manger that I need to look into
  10. Hi Boh, thanks for your detailed response - very helpful. I understand the conundrum with working stage drawings and referencing symbols, as you want to keep previous iterations of issued drawings as a log of design revisions. When you move away from referencing at this stage how do you replace the symbols typically? do you have to replace them all manually? interested on the class system too, we are also split almost 50.50 using traditional references and design layer viewports in the office. It seems like the class system will be crucial to manage DLVPs as you dont otherwise have a great degree of control of what you are showing when you get to the sheet layer. which do you use?
  11. Hi all, We are looking to revolutionise how my practice currently manages our symbols and i am trying to ascertain the 'best practice' way of organising our files. We have largely taught ourselves vwx, and i think we do a lot of things haphazardly in house. i've found this forum very helpful and I'd like to hear how other practices organise larger projects with multiple repeat components to get the ball rolling We do a lot of repeat work, i.e we will repeat a building shell several times in different locations. Because of this many of the typical details remain the same (e.g wall build ups, slab details, roof details etc) however internal elements such as kitchens and bathrooms may vary depending on location, client wishes etc What we would like to build is a symbol library that allows a team to always select from a list of up to date symbols for various building conditions/details. This list would ideally be managed by one person, who makes a revision in the master file, and then all instances of the detail that require the latest info can be selected and replaced. I am assuming the resource manager is the way to do this, however i have several queries on how to best facilitate this : - should you have a separate file with all your symbols drawn in (i.e floating in space) and then import them into the relevant drawing files as needed? - if the master file has been updated, can you replace all instances of the symbol at once, across several drawings? (like a reference) until now, we had all of symbols drawn in a symbol file, and then referenced that file into our site plan file, elevation file, section file etc. Updating the symbol reference then updated all instances of the symbol in the file. Whilst this in theory did work, it doesnt feel like the smart way of doing things, and i feel like our files often got enormously complicated. I also suspect it regularly messed up our user origin, which was a real pain to keep adjusting. look forward to your thoughts
  12. ah ok, no the issue wont happen when starting new files, it is only when replacing the title block in drawings we have been updating over the course of a project - the difficulty with this is the corruption could have happened at any point in a timeline of a year or two
  13. appologies for the radio silent on my part. i tried to understand more about title blocks, and then realised i didnt know enough. However, I still dont quite understand your question... Do you mean reproduce the title block file? or create a blank document and insert the title block into it? thans
  14. thanks for promptly looking at it. When you say "any steps that may have affected them" do you mean steps in that particular file, or steps when creating the title block? I dont think it could be anything unusual steps taken in that particular file, because its happens across multiple files that I have returned to and want to update unfortunately I personally did not make the title block someone in my company did. I am trying to understand out more about them, and how they perhaps could be working a bit better. I dont think they have been made as well as they could have been cheers
  15. yes, i cant say for certain but i think it only started happening to me since the update to 2020
  16. thanks , this sounds like something worth looking into .
  17. yes I will send tonight if thats ok? I need to remove the file of any project info first regards
  18. Hi all, I am encountering an issue with title blocks. I am finding in some files that when i re-paste (in place) a title block onto a sheet, my title block seems to split into two locations and it loses all information. (see attached shot) has anyone encountered this? it is quite problematic when you want to edit a suite of drawings in one go In the past, when I have a series of drawings all at rev a, and I want to change them all to rev b or change the product info or whatever, I have been able to edit the title page on the first sheet, and then paste in place on the other sheets. It would automatically update the revision and project information with the correct sheet title etc . This was very useful. Now it appears i have to start all my title blocks from scratch and reimport the titleblock, which takes a lot of time. any thoughts? thanks
  19. fantastic thanks. Glad i enquired. Vectorworks 2020 fundamentals, architect , renderworks
  20. hello, I have a vectorworks licence for my mac. Am i able to use it on windows PC as well? If only using one machine at once? thanks
  21. we posted at the same time - Will give that a go.
  22. i should add i'm obviously not saving these files .
  23. Hello s(orry couldnt think of a better title) when you open a new file vectorworks ugives you the file name 'untitled' with a number depending on how many you had open. e.g 'untitled 1' untitled 2' etc my settings have somehow changed so that when I open a new file it gives a consecutive untitled file following on from the last one you opened. For example i am now at 'untitled 37' and if i open another it will be at 'untitled 38' I have no other windows / files open and am unsure whats causing it. Any ideas what to do to turn it back to normal? i can see it becoming an issue in relatively short amount of time as i open several files a day vectorworks 2020 architect thanks


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