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  1. I am trying to export my Digital Terrain Model (Site Model) for use in other programs (Maya and Unreal Engine 4). I have consistently encountered problems with exporting to a variety of file types from VW. When exporting to .iges or .obj, for example, I get no data at all. Most problematic at the moment, is exporting to .fbx format... I get a 3D model, but all the normals are reversed/flipped. The result is that the materials is visible from the underside, but black on top. Why is VW flipping the normals in this way? I get this same result no matter what program I use to open the exported .fbx. What am I missing?
  2. I've successfully imported polyline contours from AutoCAD and created a Digital Terrain Model. However, where the contours run off the boundary of my project, Vectorworks is closing them with the nearest contour of the same elevation. This creates a vertical "wall" of terrain/contours at the edge of my site that I don't want. (see photo). I assume it does this because Vectorworks places 3D Loci on top of the polylines and uses the loci, not the polylines, to generate the model. Is there some way to avoid this, or some way to correct it? I tried to "Edit Site Model" and then slice out the connecting portion of the contour, but it seems to revert when I exit the Site Model editor. What am I missing?
  3. A restart seems do have done the trick. I feel foolish for not trying that first! Thank you!
  4. I am having repeated fails trying to export an .fbx of a terrain model. No file at all is created. This is after updating service pack 4 (?) on VW 2018 Landmark. As per this and other threads on the topic, I have already tried to export Geometry only, and I have tried saving the .fbx to the same location as the vectorworks file. I get the same result; that is to say, nothing. I've had a pretty frustrating experience overall with the export functions on Vectorworks. What gives? Anyone?
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