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  1. As a client ask us to round our surface values to x,05 m2 i am wondering if it's possible? I found how to round values for cotations but not for space areas… it appears that the rounding value selected in the units section doesn't apply to the area values. Any idea?
  2. oooops, thanks tom, English is not my language, although I didn't find "etage" wich is the French word for "stories" on the French site…
  3. I would appreciate to have control on detailing definition into the windows/doors tools as an improvement. I mean that any composant could be defined as visible in low/medium/high detailing views by the user. PS i am a french user and using the dutch/benelux/french version of the tool
  4. Anybody would publish a good tutorial about storeys? It seems that nothing has been done about it in the VW university ressources. I just know that some like and some dont, i would like to experiment that part i ignored since now, so a good optimistic tutorial would be very welcome!
  5. hi @mariannevole, i am just experiencing the same. the solution is in placing the user origin by the georeferencing system before exporting. see the screencap (french version)
  6. Hi Alessio, Can I drive you to my last week post, there you will see an illustrated example of what we cannot do :
  7. Hi, i tried it myself, but couldn't! sorry it wont help! 😕
  8. The fact is that it would be great to free the details precision in the parametric objects like windows or doors. Imagine that you need to show a plan with low detailed walls and precisely detailed windows or doors, it isn't possible at this time.
  9. @Kevin K That's exactly the problem with google trad Kevin! I meant cupboard? Locker? -> cupboard seems to be the more appropriate! Anyway, the drawings speaks didn't they? 😜
  10. I can't display a low detailed wall and its windows with caps - and a medium detailed storage board in the same viewport! In english (my screencap is french) on the left a medium detailed viewport where storage boards appears correctly but too much details in the walls that i try to correct with dynamic attributes by lowering the appearance of the walls, the lateral parts of the windows stay detailed… On the right, the viewport is in low detailed display, so the walls and windows appear as i want, but i can't get the storage boards appearing … I use european "menuiseries exterieures" and "menuiseries intérieures" tools witch are similar to "windows". Any idea?
  11. About my configuration, I reinstalled the server on my Mac but targeting the NAS to place a shared directory for project files. There it works Important, in order to make the server effective, its important to share the first time your project via the server (see screen-cap) And then to "open a server based project file" when you want to collaborate. You still can open the file directly from the NAS but then your modifications won't propagate. Thank you all, hope other noobs like me will find answers here!
  12. For those interested, the correct path to uninstall the project sharing server on your Mac is : /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/psserverd/scripts/ There is an uninstall.sh script in the file that you can launch My source is the support! ^^ By the way you can also find there a start.sh and a stop.sh scripts that could help to start or stop the server I presume!
  13. Oh nooooo! Now this "classic install" of the server seems ok and the server is visible and attainable from all the macs on te lan, but the function command-shift-S to save and propagate the changes doesn't seem to work… 😕 I opened two workfiles on two different macs from the project file on the server, and the changes are not effective as we propagate… vw says that there is no refresh available…
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