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  1. Trying to use the multi cable function in cable tools as a L21-30 "breakout" to hoist veam cable. Like an 8way hoist controller. So that I can then assign multicable circuits to the hoists and create a database for veam cables on a spreadsheet. I've added the L21-30 custom to Multi cable and L21-30>8x Hoist Veam to Breakout and Hoist Veam to Jumper, but the following happens when I go to set up the multi cable to assign circuits. Any thoughts? Is it possible Sam Jones? Thank you in advance.
  2. That would work, as long as it isn't User Field 6, which is the Lightning Tapes field.
  3. Thank you Sam. The position and unit number in two separate fields would be excellent. Although, the "Position" from the Lighting Device already automatically goes into the "Location" field in the Jumper, so the Jumper would just need an add-on "Unit" field that extracts the info. I did however figure out a temporary work around. I have started labeling my Unit numbers with "Position - Unit#" like your example. I then do a Find and Modify and copy the "Unit#" field to the "Position" field. I renamed the Jumpers "Location" field to "Position - Unit#" within the Plug-In manager. Now, the information that I want in the Jumper cable, extracts as a "Position and Unit#" number, just like your example. Cable Tools is a powerful plug-in and I appreciate your help. Let me know if you get around to making the modified "Assign Multicable Circuits" command.
  4. Yes, I do understand that the "Assign Multicable Circuits" extracts information into the selected Multicable. This works excellent, as the information that I want goes into the Multicable Circuit fields. No issues there. In addition to that information going into the Multicable, there is information that is automatically extracted into the individual Jumpers when they are automatically placed using the Assign Multicable Circuit command. That information is "Position" information from the Lighting Device. This "Position" information is automatically put into the "Location" field of the Jumper cables. I would like to additionally have the "Unit #" information automatically be extracted into the Jumper cables as well. The Jumper cables know what light they are going to, I just want more information to be extracted so I do not have to manually input each Unit number into each cable. This is very time consuming, but is a must for creating paperwork to build breakouts in the shop.
  5. In Spotlight, I am trying to extract and link information between jumper cables and lighting devices using the assign multicable circuits. I know it must be possible, as the jumper cables already extract the position information into the location field. But, I want it to go further and extract the Unit # information as well. Any ideas??


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