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  1. I keep getting a run-time error when I'm trying to number the instruments on my plot. This happens with a large amount of instruments (75+) but it works fine with a handful. I never had this problem with 9.5, so is this just a memory issue for my computer, or has SL 10 changed how tasks like these are handled?
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    This thread has me wondering what I may be doing could be considered illegal. I have an educational version of Vectorworks that I purchased. I have it installed on my desktop at home so I can use the larger monitor, but I also installed it on my laptop so I could take it to campus to work on. According to the license, I'm allowed to make a backup copy, so would the copy on my laptop being considered backup, or do I need to purchase a multiple machine license even though I'm the only user? Just curious, James
  3. Paxar Technologies: www.vectorworks.ca As you can see from the ending, I'm in Canada so hopefully you won't have to pay heavy shipping charges. Teri at Paxar was quite helpful and said they've had this problem before. Once I confirmed what kind of dongle I needed, I received it in two-three days. I hope they can help you out, and Vectorworks certainly is worth it for us poor students. James
  4. I received my new dongle in the mail the other day, and once I had reinstalled VW and inserted it, VW worked perfectly. I hope you'll be able to find a replacement soon because VW is worth the wait. James
  5. Well, I contacted my distrubutor of VectorWorks and exchanged a few emails with them. They told me that they've had previous problems with the Educational version not recognizing the dongles. His solution is to cut a new dongle that is fully enabled. It doesn't take too long to do, and I should receive early next week. I'll let everyone know if I can get it working. In the mean time, it probably wouldn't hurt to talk to the company you ordered Vectorworks from and they may have other solutions.
  6. I wonder if it has to do with something in the Education version of the software? I'm still having a similar problem with my copy of Spotlight 9.5.2. I even tried installing it on a different computer, different OS, and I still get the problem of the Spotlight plugins not being recognized.
  7. I have been doing as you suggested, but it's still not working. The installation program has been changing to say Spotlight, but any Spotlight option I click on gets that pop-up of "the plugin tool could not be selected. Check to make sure it is in your "Plugins" directory." I've noticed that without the dongle, and I go to add serial numbers from within the program, the only option is Vectorworks. When I put in my dongle, the option reads Architect and not Spotlight. Is that normal? I guess the only other piece of information I can provide that may be of use is that my serial number begins with 6900. Is that the proper beginning for Spotlight?
  8. I saw something similar posted in another area of this forum, but their solution didn't work for me. When I install Spotlight, it installs fine and works fine, except for the Spotlight functions (lighting instruments, truss, etc). In the serial number window, I was going to try adding the serial number again to Spotlight, except Spotlight didn't show up as an option. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the installation CD or the dongle or my computer. Any suggestions? I'm using Windows 98.
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