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  1. And not only does the trim tool trim to the nearest line (which is sometimes a useful feature), it will even trim to lines that are in a hidden class (which is nothing but a pain).
  2. Finally, about a week ago, a new donlge arived in the mail and VW is working on my machine. So this had in fact been the problem. It took a while, and I'm not entirely happy with the level of service that I received throughout the process, but I'm glad to have things sorted out, and am now spending way too much time with my computer.
  3. James, who may I ask is your distributor? They seem to know more about this problem than Nemetschek tech support. I really do believe it is a problem with the dongle, I've tried installing now under MacOS 10.1, 10.2, and 9.2, and gotten the same error messages with each. However I've been having a hard time getting in touch with anyone at Nemetschek who is actually taking any steps to solve the problem. The best they've come up with is to offer me a full refund. I am certainly frustrated that it's been almost a month and I still don't have a working copy of the software but I'd rather have the program running than have my money back, and it seems from your experience that this is a fixable problem.
  4. I actually purchased VW direct from Nemetschek. And have been in contact with them for a while now. But am still without a solution. They told me that it might be a problem with a bad dongle, and that I should get a replacement, but before following through with that told me that it was a problem with MacOS 10.1.5 and that I should upgrade to 10.2. Of course I can't afford to upgrade to 10.2 and so am left without a woking option, now two weeks after receiving the software, which is very generously priced but is still expensive for something that does nothing.
  5. You would have thought that it had been tested. Even if it is only the educational version. I get the impression that because I'm a student I'm not really a priority. But, while the reduced price that I paid for VW may be insignificant to NNA, it's not insignificant to me. And it seems that as a student I'm at a point in my career where they should be doing everything in their power to instill a lifelong sense of brand loyalty. They're off to a bad start. bean
  6. I received my educational copy of VW10 a week ago today and have yet to be able to actually run it. I'm trying to install it on a Powerbook G4 running OS X 10.1.5. The installation seems to go fine, but when I start up VW I get an error message that tells me no dongle is detected, and it quits. The dongle is plugged in, and its LED is lit. I've tried installing with the dongle unplugged (as directed in the install instructions) and with the dongle plugged in. I've tried installing as root. I've tried downloading the dongle drivers from the manufacturer's website and isntalling them seperately (before and after the VW installation). None of this has worked. The dongle is recognized by the Apple System Profiler app, although no drivers are listed (I don't if this is actually a symptom, as there are other devices for which it also does not list drivers). I would really like to get VW working, and so far it has been nothing but frustrating. bean
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