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  1. I tried that then renamed it and it created its own class which was odd. So i had a Class structure like this originally: Concepts Concept 1 Concept 2 Duplicated Concept 2 and it added Concept 3. I renamed Concept 3 to Test. It took it out of the main Class and dropped it down as its own Class in alphabetical order. So in order for me to create a Concept 3 I have to add New then type Concepts-Concept 3 And if I wanted a Concept 4 I have to repeat the procedure over. Instead of right-clicking Concepts then adding Concept 3, Concept 4, Concept 5, etc under that Main Class. I'm a year into this program so I may be doing something wrong but from all the people I ask that is the only way to do it. Thanks for the response...
  2. It would be great to add a new sub-class by right clicking the class you want to add it under and have an "Add New Class" right there rather than having to retype "class-subclass-subclass" every time.
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