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  1. When I create a roof with 10:12 roof pitch it creates the roof correctly. When I frame that roof, it puts the rafters at the 30 degree pitch (VW Default) rather than at 10:12. Any way to change the default?
  2. I forgot what the message was, but I re-installed and it seems to be working OK for now.
  3. My VWA 12.0.1 failed to open today. I can not get 12.0 or 12.0.1 open. 11.5.1 opens fine.
  4. I figured out how to adjust the image to fit the photo - works great
  5. Thanks; I was trying to avoid modelling the building. I can apply polygons over the image and cut out for the windows etc. and then apply an image to the polygon. this works well except I can't figure out how to adjust the scale of the image?
  6. If I extrude a polygon over a jpeg image and apply a texture to it, the texured extrude does not show up?? The textured extrude is there if I blow away the jpeg, but will not show over the image (jpeg). Any suggestions?!?
  7. Any suggestions on rendering over a jpeg? (i.e. different siding over existing building photo) using VW Architect v12 on windows XP w/1gb ram...
  8. what is disc 3 of the installation for? did not ask for it during install! VW architect w/renderworks
  9. We recently replaced our HP1700c with the HP 130 and are very pleased with the printer. We basically print our plans at 12x18, but also print quite a little @ 24x36. We have the printer on our network and use it from several computers (all windows os). We also have several different cadd programs and they all seem to work well with the HP130. VW Architect 11.5 on Windows2000 with 1gb Ram.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. We are actually extruding panels to simulate an overhead door behind the cased opening. Seems like this problem was corrected for simple swing doors and cased openings back in Feb 2003. Hopefully it won't need to wait for a program update.
  11. Anyone know how to get an arched top overhead door? The silly "transom" button gets turned on whenever the segmented top is chosen. The door does not extend into the transom area, and there seems to be no way to give the transom a "style" to try and trick the drawing to think the door may extend into the transom. This "trickery" seems to be a pat answer from VW when the program doesn't do what one would expect a program like VW to do!!! I believe their term is "workaround"?
  12. I noticed the same thing? Very strange! Needs to be fixed so that final plans are legible or - BACK TO AUTOCAD?
  13. welshpe


    Thanks, I thought that may be the case. Any tutorials out there?
  14. welshpe


    Since nobody aparently uses the piping PIO, maybe VW should remove it from the program to allow for some function that people use, like a rendering option that doesn't take half days to regenerate!
  15. welshpe


    Does anyone use the piping pallete in VW Architect to do plumbing? I can't seem to find any good tutorials on the use of this pallete. I need to do plumbing plans AND isometrics. I can get it to work somewhat, but it seems I must be missing something. One thing I found is that when viewing in isometric, the linetype does not hold. I have some of the lines dashed, etc., but when shown in isometric they lose the dash. Maybe an add-on is needed?
  16. welshpe

    roof trusses

    I downloaded these from vector depot. I downloaded the windows option and the files don't work. They have a file extension .vso.I am using VW Architect v10.5 with renderworks on windows xp with 2.8Pentium 4 and 1gb of ram.
  17. I too am having troubles adding sheets. I finally got the sheet added but no titleblock. Also the Task manager does not recognize the new sheet. Any editting done to sheets prior to adding the new sheets does not seem to carry over. (i.e. any editted sheet comes back in but without the editted class visibility)
  18. How do you get a PIO (say a door) across two walls. Say a basement wall is 4' of masonry and 4' of 2x4 frame wall. The door only cuts the lower wall.
  19. I use a variety of printers and plotters and find the HP cp1700 to be great for the price (<$500) if you can live with print sizes of 13X19 or smaller. With cadd why not go smaller??? My opinion is that it is easy to get detail using cadd on a smaller format even if it means more sheets. p.s. I use VW10 on Windows2000. If anyone has had an opportunity to use the new HP designjet 100 or 120 printers, I would like to know if they are as good. They will take up to a 24" wide sheet and are in the $1000 range.
  20. I tried that and the eave was still there. I couldn't get the cutout to line up exactly with the dormer (dormer disappears when you hit the edit group option.) The roof itself seems to have the cut-out but the eave remains. Should the cutout extend outside the eave line to make sure it is removed? This didn't seem to work either. I also tried redoing the entire roof from a polygon with the clip surface tool from the original polygon used for the roof - this created a strange set of valleys and ridges.
  21. How do you eliminate the main roof overhang from in front of a dormer that is an extention of the building wall. I don't want the roof overhang in front of the dormer.
  22. Under COLOR in the texture dialog box is -Image Color*- When I choose edit, a dialog comes up - Edit Image Color-, the only option is to -Change Image- which opens a dialog that only allows me to change to another image in the document or import a new image, no option to change the color!
  23. Thanks Katie that gets me to the edit option. It doesn't let me edit the color of a texture. Do you need to go outside of VW to edit colors of the textures?
  24. Katie; I tried this on VW 10.0.1 on PC and don't get an "EDIT" option. The only options are: View As Show Object Types Find Resources on Disk New Resources in ... Apply Import Am I missing something?
  25. Thanks for the in-depth explanation. Maybe when I can find some logic in a slab being above the floor I'm working on and that the Foundation may include the basement "slab" I will be able to make some sense of it all. Just seems to me that working in real world units with slab thicknesses of the floor in question would make it easier to comprehend. (i.e. just add elevations to the section and let the computer figure out the rest)
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