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  1. Print Setup problem? When I have the drawing set to print at 50% in the Vectorworks part of the Print Setup dialog it sometimes prints at 100%. This seems to happen when I have failed to check the print setup box before going onto print even when I know that it is set correctly. Is this a print driver/network problem? HenryWindows2000, HP LaserJet8150, VW9.5.2
  2. If it is not a group you can select all the items you want to stretch and then use the 2D reshape tool set to Move Polygon Handles Mode. That's kind of similar to Stretch. HTH
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me as well.
  4. Hello anyone there? In addition to the earlier points is there a way of numerically setting the page, for instance having the bottom left corner on the origin?
  5. Vectorworks 9.5.2 updated this feature but it still isn't quite right. When you go to save sheet if your class (or layer) names are longer than about 20 characters it cuts off the end and you don't know exactly what you are dealing with. You can browse through the classes in the active class dialog box but that's not the same thing. Why can't you just stretch the whole save sheet thing so you can see longer names?
  6. It seems like custom selection hasn't been updated since VW8, new features like callouts aren't custom selectable via the Organize-Custom Selection tool.
  7. A late extra, like Fred says- there should be an autobackup feature, automatically saving a backup somewhere. The save reminder is really irritating!
  8. "Each time I attempt to paste text between classes... once I deselect it I cannot pick it again and when I refresh the screen it disappears." If the original class that you wrote the text on is turned off (ie visible whilst it is your active class) and then you go to another class to paste it, it will still post in the original class. Class is like an attribute. It kind of shows you where you pasted it but when you refresh it disappears because the class is turned off. Is that the answer? "I am also still unable to remedy the white text upon creation problem either--maybe there is a connection" I can't find your original post on this one-don't know. I guess you checked the Vectorworks Preference, Display Tab, No Fill Behind Text Box? Henry
  9. We are having some problems when printing from Vectorworks 9.5.2 to our printer, an HP LaserJet8150 under Windows2000. Firstly text is spacing itself between lines as if set to 1.5 line spacing throughout a drawing, even when set to single line spacing. Identical areas of text print normally when copied to other drawings. Secondly white/blank rectangles are appearing over areas of drawing when printing but do not appear on the monitor. This seems to be solvable by altering the print scaling factor at the inital print setup box rather than through the advanced settings.
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