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  1. Thanks Katie, works like a charm. gustaf
  2. Katie, When I go to the "set print area" dialogue box the only options I have are:size--where I put in 24 x 36widthheight Where do I tell vw that there is only one page? Maybe I misunderstood, but I did not find what you were refering to. gustaf
  3. EXCELLENT!! It works great!! I love this forum. Now how about a tool that will calculate the winning lotto number for next week? gustaf
  4. We are using windows 2000 pro, 9.5.2, HP Designjet 500. I want to print a 24 x 36 drawing. If I set the print area to 24 x 36 (arch D), vw thinks that there are 4 pages. I have tried setting the print area to 23 x 35 and leaving a 4 inch border, and telling the printer the paper is 24 x 36. Then vw thinks that there are 2 pages. What's happening here? gustaf
  5. Matthew, I was actually using the >spiral< command under Drafting Aids. Thanks for the reply and I will try the suggestions. gustaf
  6. My wish is to have a modifier or tool that would tell me how far away the cursor is from another object. I call this the Proximity Distance Tool. Example: The user selects the Proximity Distance Tool from a menu or palette, selects the distances desired to be indicated, say 8" and 10". When the cusor is moved to 8" away from an object in the drawing a faded >8"< will show on screen. This would function similar to when a line is being drawn and goes to 30 degrees and >30< shows on screen to tell the user that the line is at 30 degrees. This tool would need to be used in conjunction with a drawing command such as line, or circle, etc. This would make my life sooooooo much easier!!!!!! Crossing my fingers, gustaf
  7. Is there any way to "square" a spiral? This would be theopposite of the smooth command. The spirals are draw circular. I would like to have the spirals convert to lines with corners. I would rather not take the time to draw each and every line manually. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you, gustaf
  8. Is there any sort of stretch command similar to that in AutoCAD? I have drawn an item made up of lines and circles and I want to stretch the width of the item. I would like to do this visually instead of typing in factors with the scale command. Is this possible? gustaf
  9. How is it possible to rotate text so that it is up-side-down? I am using 8.5.1 and VW will not let me do this. The text reverts to right-side-up. gustaf
  10. Thanks for giving a reply. I realize that this is an odd one, but it is a very big problem for us. I will try the "snap to offset" suggestion, however I think that ultimately we might need to have a custom program written to truly solve this problem. gustaf
  11. Is there a way to convert a connected series of lines to a single polyline? Thanks! gustaf
  12. I am dealing with a problem for work, so it is not a technical problem but work related. Anyway, I work for a radiant heating company. We get house plans from architects and then design our pipe layout. I am in charge of switching us from hand-drawing to CAD. The problem that I am currently working on is how to efficiently draw the pipe design on VW. I've experimented with using various grid symbols, but that was rather cumbersome. If there was a way to determine the distance from an object without having to use a measuring tool, I think that this would be best. Our design calls for pipe spacing of either 6, 9, or 12 inches from objects or other pipes. Is there any kind of proximity distancing tool that calls out a preset distance, much like the 30 or 45 degrees of the constrained line? What I would like to do is, when in the polyline command, move near a wall, for instance, and be told when I am 6, 9 or 12" away from the wall. Is this possible? Thanks! gustaf
  13. I am new to VectorWorks and to my present company.We have version 8.5.1. I would like to upgrade to 9.5 for the better capabilities, but since I am new to VectorWorks, I am not sure what those better capabilities might be. Basically, I am making a list of reasons why we need to upgrade and I would like to get some feedback from you old hats. Thanks! Gustaf
  14. I have a symbol drawing that contains a lot of other symbols. I am trying to scale it so that it can fit into another drawing. >Edit Symbol< and >Scale Object< do not work. Any suggestions?I need HELP or else I have lost a lot of work!!! gustaf
  15. I have drawn an electrical schematic in 1:1 scale and I want to put it on a 24x32 set of house plans drwan in 1:48 scale. The electrical schematic has some custom symbols, so it is not scaling properly. HELP!!! gustaf
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