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  1. Could this be updated for Vectorworks 2020 please ? 🙂 Thank you.
  2. Thanks for all your posts - the information is useful. Jim said: "You can have Vectorworks 2008 and 2014 both installed on the same machine at the same time" That might be useful - is it possible to have a licence file that allows us to run 2008 or 2014 (on the same machine) and the licence is taken from our pool of 40 whichever version is fired up ? (AutoCAD can do this if you're on subscription - you can run the current version and any of the last 3 versions and they all dip into the same licence pool). Can VW 2014 open VW 2008 files ? With 2008, if a file is really old, it won't open it. bcd said: "the forward transition is something you will need to undertake at some time" Not necessarily, if Vectorworks continues to give us grief we might use something else. Dave
  3. Jim - our posts crossed in mid-atlantic ! So you're saying 2014 SP5 restored order and stability to the release ? (As far as can be expected) And I guess you do work for Nemetschek ? So you're keen to persuade me of the software's virtues ?! Dave
  4. Peter: I'm not taking your comment the wrong way! I know 2008 is old. We have a (fairly) good reason for sticking with 2008 for so long; we run it via Citrix, (in a virtual machine) and later versions don't work so well that way. Both: We've paid for 2014 licences, so there will be minimal cost to use that - to go to 2015 will cost money which we want to avoid. I realise there's a 2015 30 day trial, but the errors take longer than that to materialise, sometimes viewport detail will move after three months of use. Plus it's the 2014 trial version I could do with. Jim - you're saying that for every negative post in this forum there are 10 users who are happy ? I realise that may be the case. So the question I'm asking is: if we move from 2008 to 2014 will we experience a pleasant and worthwile increase in stability and reliability ? Thanks for your input. Dave Hawes
  5. We're still running Architect 2008. We get quite a few problems with the software, such as referenced detail randomly moving in viewports and "cannot open file" (which is related to referencing, it seems) For simple jobs it's OK. but complex ones exhibit increasingly errant behaviour. We've already bought 40 licences of Architect 2014, but we are using them all 2008 legacy mode, so cost is not an issue. We could install the 2014 version on 64bit Windows 7 machines. So, I'd be extremely grateful if people who have used 2014 could give their opinions as to whether it behaves appreciably better than 2008 and is more stable. We don't do all that 3D Bim stuff - it's all 2D - just lines and text. I've read the thread titled "2014 Crashmonster" which suggests that SP 1 to 4 should be avoided ?! Any advice would be welcome. Thank-you Dave
  6. Guys Is Workgroup Referencing any better in 2013 ? Dave
  7. We're having the same problem as xhenanigan. (We're on PCs). At least three of our Architects export to DWG and the file won't open in AutoCAD. Even the 'Recover' command in AutoCAD doesn't repair it. (In the past it has). The corrupt DWG file is usually the same small size, has a weird name and is read only. It's a real pain. I've found a workaround, which is to export to VW 10 then open in VW 2008, then the export to DWG is more reliable.
  8. Thanks Matthew - it is much as I suspected. Thank-you for your refreshingly honest reply !
  9. Thanks Joe, but my graphic is already down to one bit - it won't go any lower. Interestingly, VW 8.5.2 asks what bit depth I want on input, but won't go any lower than 8 bit (256 shades). Dave
  10. I've imported a 475 Kb compressed tiff (1 bit/bitonal) into a 605 Kb VW drawing, hoping I would get a 1,080 Kb file, (475+605=1080) but I get a huge 7,362 Kb file. Why is the file so big ? Is there anything I can do to reduce the file size without reducing the resolution of the imported graphic ? Thanx.
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