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  1. 've managed to save as dwg and opens in adobe illustrator and imports back into vw fine. it could just be autocad on the pcs acting up cos it seems to work fine mac to mac. will hit up the autocad helps and keep trying. thanks for all help!
  2. it's manifested itself in various ways on different computers. no one seems to be able to export on VW2008. it seems to work itself into a loop of sorts and always saves over the same file. fine on VW12.5. exporting on local drive
  3. has anyone found a work around to this bug? regardless of what it's saved as, file ends up labeled MacOS.dwg in Applications:VectorWorks 2008:VectorWorks 2008.app:Contents:MacOS-dwg:MacOS.dwg the MacOS file is 12KB only but a larger .jpg file of the image appears in the same MacOS-dwg folder. MacOS.dwg file will open in Adobe Illustrator on same computer, but will not open in AutoCAD on a PC. help?? we work on both AutoCAD and VW2008 and on both mac and PC and have been having issues with converting to and fro. thanks!
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