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  1. Hey, I'm having the exact same problem. I did the same preferences reset, it worked for a couple weeks, but literally in the last 30min, it's started up again. It's taking about 5minutes for me to select a dimension line, let alone delete it. This is in VW2019, SP2, running Mojave 10.14.3. I'm going to do the preferences reset again to see if that helps a second time, but this is a huge time suck. Is any attention being paid to correcting this bug?
  2. Downside to doing that is I still wouldn't have the pasted objects in the VW2017 version, which is the one I'm going to continue to use for a while longer. Bummer, but that's fine. Just an oddity that I didn't notice when we were switching versions before. Thanks!
  3. So there's no work around for copy-pasting if I don't want to convert the VW2017 project to VW2018?
  4. Hi all, I've been slowly moving my files from VW17 to VW18, and due to the changes in titleblocks (and some other oddities), there are some projects I've just left in VW17 until I have time to get it figured out (or until the next service pack comes out). Today I wanted to copy a section that I drew in a VW18 file into a VW17 file, and when I did this, it got pasted as a PDF (see screenshot below). Tried this with simple lines in blank documents, and also in both directions (18 to 17, and 17 to 18), but it still happens. Is this normal? It's not a big deal, and I can just redraw it, but this is a big surprise as I don't remember this being the case in previous versions.
  5. Hi, We're having the same problem for all 5 of us in our department. Also having a similar problem where the "Separate Sheet Views" will be randomly toggled off temporarily - for example, I go to edit a sheet layer, go back to a design layer, and the view has moved as if it's turned off, but when I check this preference it's still toggled on. Looking forward to this being fixed in future service packs!
  6. So, update on the situation - I deleted a bunch of things, and finished simplified all of our common blocks that were polygon heavy, and got our Template file down to 18.5MB (down from 213MB). I then copied a troublesome project over, and recreated one of the sheet layers. The sheet layer was much more manageable, but still fairly laggy when panning/zooming. I then deleted everything that we had at some point converted from a dxf - cooktop, fireplace, some sinks and furniture blocks - and now it's only got some mild lag issues. Retesting my original suspicion, deleting the drawing references does still make a difference in that the lag when panning is almost not noticeable without the drawing references. I'm now thinking about how I can import DXFs/DWGs without the issue of the thousands of polygons slowing my files down...
  7. When trying to mail you a recent file, I realized that almost all our files are 250+ MB each. I copied a simpler drawing and deleted a lot of our drawing that we have in our template file (I'm in the process of simplifying this to resolve the speed issues), added a bunch of viewports and drawing labels and had my co-worker re-test. Navigating the sheet layer was back to a reasonable speed, so deleting all the extra stuff definitely having an effect on the speed and brought the file size down by 50MB. So I guess I should start by getting our files down to a more reasonable size. I did notice that when we switched from VW 2014 to VW2017, our file sizes almost doubled. There have definitely been instances in which a file is running somewhat smoothly until we start adding in drawing references, but maybe it's just an issue we're having with the extra resources for these massive files when you start adding elements to the sheet layer? I'm going to make updating our template file a priority and copy some projects into the pared-down template file and see if that makes a big difference, and will update when I've tested it.
  8. That doesn't seem to be an option unless it got moved to a different area. Document preferences below.
  9. Hi All, We've been having an issue after changing to VW 2017 in which our sheet layer views are super slow, and I've gone through the troubleshooting guide for such issues but with little success. For me it's bad but not too bad, but my coworker's computer is incredibly slow. Her computer has the same specs as mine, but with a 2.9GHz processor. We're using Vectorworks for kitchen drawings, so everything is in 2D, but we also use a lot of images for appliances and veneers. We have our sheet layers set up for 9 sheets per layer (so 9 titleblocks, and up to 9 pages worth of viewports) which definitely doesn't help, and we could change this if we need to. The thing that seems to be causing the slowness is the drawing labels. We've opened files that have only viewports and titleblocks that run fairly smoothly, but start lagging as soon as we start adding drawing labels. Is there a reason this might be the case? Has anyone else experienced this and found a good solution?
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