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  1. Are you on a MacBook Pro? If so disconnect any usb peripherals and see if it works. It works fine on mine when I don’t have any usb c stuff connected.
  2. Resorted to uninstalling completely and then reinstalling. Still have the same problem Interesting update. I disconnected all peripherals and it works fine. Reconnecting any USB-C peripherals with USB 3 ports in use causes a problem. USB-C drives work fine. Connecting a thunderbolt screen via a thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter also does not cause the problem.
  3. Did as requested and unfortunately it still does the same thing. Also now says "Error loading Vision Library!" on startup.
  4. Have an issue when I select a constrained dimension I get the beach ball and Vectorworks hangs indefinitely. Looking at the console it just sits in a loop with this message... NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception: NSGenericException -- The window has been marked as needing another Display Window pass, but it has already had 3 Display Window passes. I'm running 2019 SP2 on a new MacBook Pro with Mojave 10.14.2.
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