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  1. I named the truss in the truss creation dialogue but wish to count multiple instances with the same name. I am creating a quick rectangular truss grid over a studio. I dont want name each instance with a seperate name in the object info but want all truss created to be named Purple, then count just the instances of truss for Purple.
  2. Instead of creating a new layer in new drawing and then pasting old layer in place. Can I select multiple layers and import into a new drawing and then have the new layers created when I paste in place.
  3. This just in from Tech support We’ve had a couple similar reports, so we may want to try resetting your Runtime Cache in Vectorworks. We can do this by deleting the RuntimeCache folder in your Users folder; I’m listing the locations below for both Mac and Windows. Windows | C:\Users\ ( Your Username ) \AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2018\Plug-ins\RuntimeCache Macintosh | HD > Users > (User's Home Folder) > Library > Application Support > Vectorworks > 2018 > RuntimeCache I hope that helps! Please keep me posted, and have a great day!
  4. Actually I deleted an older version. Deleting the Runtime Cache worked


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