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  1. Thanks Joshua. This helps!
  2. Hi Joshua, Thank you. The 2nd option worked for me. seems like the workflow has to be tilt of the truss object after converting. Flipping the order around will mess it up, is that so?
  3. Hi Mark, I supposed you are talking about the simplified truss class. Did that but still look the same though.
  4. Hi all, I was exploring the schematic view and there is something i couldn't figure out. I had a truss that was at a 45 degree tilt, converted to a hanging position and had 3 fixtures on it. i created a schematic view and had the impression that it will remove the tilt and make it show the full length. However, it is the same length. Am i mistaken about it? the two attached image shows top/plan view and also iso view to show the tilt.
  5. Hi Markdd, thanks for pointing out Annotations on sheet layer. That will definitely help.
  6. Hi, is there a way to limit visibility of the dimension based on the axis they are on? for example on the top view, I wish to get rid of the lines of the dimensions I created for front or side axis
  7. Hi, I cant recall what I did back on my Mac based VXW but recently I moved to windows and using the step as described(including modifying the empty array), I did get the import option.
  8. Hi all, My Speaker Array tool Speaker setting has the import option to use non-generic symbols from the spotlight library My speakerArray tool Bumper setting is lacking the import option. I have already dropped the speaker bumper in the default folder and i just need to get that import button Is there any particular steps/setting for it to appear?
  9. Hi Rob, So I presume that under the licensing, the 2017 library will not be made available to 2015 users even if we do a library update? I see where you are coming from in terms of being pragmatic in the model design. Aesthetic vs efficiency. Will keep this in mind as i continue in my practises. Thank you so much!
  10. Hi Rob, I don't seem to see the file. I could have missed it. On the other hand, could it be due to the fact that I am running VW2015 and it is not included in my version? Appreciate the advice and knowledge you and Mark are providing. it really speeds up my learning.
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks for the taking the time to look through my file and explaining the details! I will give it a go tomorrow first thing in the morning.
  12. Hi Will, Thanks for the link, That is the same video that I saw and try to practise on. I tried to do the same thing except for the modelling part. Some how when i change it to a instrument the attached photo happens. My loci is shown as the center of the yoke arms. Somehow the head is still at the wrong position.
  13. Hi all, Still picking up vectorworks spotlight and is trying to customise lighting fixture. My practise here is to import the Clay Paky DWG and make it into a symbol. When use Spotlight>Object Conversion>Covert to instrument, the 3D model main body of the moving light goes out of position. Does anyone know where I am doing this wrongly? ClayPakyMythos.vwx
  14. Hi Pat All scales are 1:1. I clicked on unified views and it worked after that. Not sure what was it I did before that which resulted in this problem but thanks!
  15. Hi all, I seem to be unable to select objects from other layers other than the one from my active layer. It seem to me the only way to go about doing it is to right click the object and choosing force select. I have checked online and the impression I get is that i shouldn't have to do this as my setting for my class is "show/snap/modify others". However, in my 3rd screenshot as i dragged my cursor over the area shown, only my 2 lights fixture turn orange(this orange did not appear in my screenshot) and not the 2 rectangles which are TVs. This is the same when i try to click on any other thing. Does anyone know if i need to check on any other settings?
  16. Hi Benson, You are correct. I did use the create wall projection. I was trying out the way that the Vectorworks Spotlight guide did it. Now that i redo it using the Column tool under the toolset and did not use the wall projection, the move by point works as expected! Thank you so much for the pointers!
  17. Hi Benson, Thanks for pointing the part about the Feature in Wall, I came across that the other day when I was searching about this problem. Having said that, in my first set of photos I was moving parallel to the wall. I presume that is what you are trying to tell me about?
  18. Pat, I think that is unlikely as I got to drag my mouse to another location before clicking it again and the items then got duplicated.
  19. Hi Mark, I will try that and see what happens
  20. Hi Alan, Thank you for the link. I went through the video and can't seem to find out where i was wrong. I am trying to copy 2 more of the columns along a new line, hoping this line make it more obvious. I have taken another 3 screen shot that hopefully shows you my 3 steps: 1.The first click with the move by point modes showing 2. The 2nd click 3. the object info shows 3 objects but still i see only one in my main window. physically deselecting and selecting 1 click at a time after that proves the 3 object are at the same location.
  21. Hi all, I am having some difficulty with the move by points tool. The duplicates that is have are all inserted at the same exact location as my original selected object even though I have set my mouse to a certain direction. I have attached 2 screen shots. One is while i have displaced my mouse in a direction. One shows the 3 objects as 1 object as they are stacked on top of each other. Can anyone let me know if I am doing anything wrong? Thanks.


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