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  1. Generally when I find the bounding box just isn't adding those last few chairs where I want I just do it manually, but instead of adding individual chairs outside of the seating area I right click on the seating section and choose Edit and then copy and paste/position the chairs I need.  When you exit the seating section edit the tool will then redraw the boundary box  and the object info palette will include these new chairs in the count for the section.

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  2. 42 minutes ago, markdd said:

    The trick is to use symbols when you build the multi-circuit instrument not lighting devices. There should be NO lighting devices in the final symbol. Just nested symbols. 

    You will need to rebuild the symbol as editing it and ungrouping them will not work. The process is highly prescriptive I'm afraid. 


    I just tried with your file and that works fine



    Can I convert a lighting device to a symbol that I can use to do this or do I make something from scratch?


     I tried making a basic hybrid symbol with a simple shape for the 3d light and I was able to create a 4 bar that was treated as 4 lighting devices as you show however the lights do not tilt to line up with focus points.


  3. On 12/28/2018 at 3:09 AM, markdd said:

    I made this tutorial ......





    I've tried following this multiple times but after attaching the record to the created symbol the inserted symbol is not treated as multiple lighting device objects as your video shows so the lights cannot focus like you show.

  4. This is something I also struggle with a dozen+ times a day (6 core mac pro trashcan), it doesn't matter what project or the complexity of it.  I would say 95% of the time if I render a viewport in renderworks, then change the lighting setting on the viewport (IE change brightness from 35%-50%), the result will be it won't render and a couple seconds after pressing render it will just show a black viewport, and nothing can fix it unless you restart the app.  It is very annoying if I'm trying to render out multiple viewports for publishing and I've already rendered a few before this happens, as I then have to re-render the other viewports as well after restarting.  This happens in 2018 but used to happen to me in 2017 as well before I updated.


    I have also had the issue that chris0325 describes, though less frequently than the other issue, I make changes to my drawing but rendering with renderworks shows the state of the drawing from earlier before changes were made.


    Maybe a temporary fix for the Vectorworks team until they can sort this out fully would be to give us a menu option to restart the Cinema4D renderer in the background without requiring us to shutdown Vectorworks.  I've tried force quitting it in activity monitor but it doesn't restart up, then Vectorworks doesn't even attempt to do any rendering after it has been force quit.

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