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  1. Hi Stephan, I just found your post while struggling with a similar problem. The valve node hasn't become smarter since, has it? Thanks Martin
  2. ok, thanks for the input and recommendations!
  3. Thanks for your feedback Sarah! Yes, I saw that. In my marionette project I place every Data Tag on a different Sheet Layer first and associate it after with the object. It works great so far (and without the grouping problem). That's what I've tried before but without success... how do I have to add this in the node? Thanks a lot, Martin
  4. ... found it out, while 'trial & error' ūüėÜ Though, not sure about the output handle, if it's really necessary - it seems not to work properly. Please feel free to take a look and comment on the scripting, thanks! DT_AssociateWithObj.vwx
  5. This sounds very promising, thank you @sbarrett! Unfortunately I do not have any scripting background and I would need some kind of tutorial on how to translate VS:DT_AssociateWithObj into a node. The syntax changes a bit I guess? Thanks for helping so far!
  6. Hi, anybody any thought on this? I'm still trying to attach a data tag to a space object, using marionette... Thanks for any hint! Martin
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a possibility to attach data tags to a defined selection of objects, as part of a marionette. What nodes do I need to combine? Thanks for any help! Martin
  8. Hi, seems quite interesting to me. Is there a file available for download? Thanks, Martin


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